You can FINALLY get ad block on your mobile!

You can now get Adblock for mobile!

Sick of 2 minute ads on Youtube videos and news articles with more adverts than article? You’re not alone. This is a particular problem on mobile because the ads use up your data. According to a study by Enders Analysis, on average 48% of your data usage is spent on ads, so they’re not only annoying but they also cost you money! If you want to save more money on you mobile bill check our sim-only deals HERE.

The good news is Brave have come out with a browser to replace Chrome & Safari that automatically blocks Ads & Trackers. It’s already been downloaded 90 million times and it has rave reviews. We’ve been using it at The Student Saviour office & love it. You can find it in the play/app store HERE. Use it instead of Chrome or whatever else you use & it will auto block ads & pop ups!

It was also rated as one of the top 3 most secure browsers by Nord VPN – Chrome & Safari didn’t even make the list, so if internet security is something you’re worried about it’s definitely worth using Brave on your Laptop too!

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Other Benefits

We have been using this browser on desktop and mobile for the last few months and it’s great. The biggest difference is mobile by far. In fact one of the coolest aspects of this app is you can watch Youtube vids (ad free) with your screen turned off, or in the background. So you can use it instead of Spotify for music, or listen to podcasts without killing your battery.

You can choose to view ads on your favourite Youtuber or websites if you want to support them, and in doing so you get a share of the ad revenue. According to the creators, if you choose this option you should earn about enough for a cup of coffee a month. Personally we value the ad-free side of it more, but it’s nice that the option is there.

If you Download Brave through the link above and regularly use it we get a small commission. So you guys get ad block & it helps keep our advice freely available to everyone!