Study Gadgets Amazon Finds – £30 and Under

Are you in need of a helping hand with your studies, and are looking for that miracle fix to help you stay focused and organized? We take a closer look at some of the best budget-friendly study gadgets available on Amazon, helping you to discover your study essentials without breaking the bank.

We searched far and wide through the posts on Instagram Amazon Finds & TikTok Made Me Buy It for all the study essential inspo you’ll ever need!


The Rocketbook should be every student’s study essential. It’s pretty clever! If you’re one for actually taking paper written notes, you’ll want to get yourself one of these. Write notes in your Rocketbook exactly like you would a normal notebook. Then you can use the app to scan them and digitise everything super quick.

Desk Organiser & Monitor Stand

If you’ve got yourself a monitor for better study time or watching your fav movies on a bigger screen, a monitor stand is an essential. It gives you more room on your desk, and with organisation built, it’s an essential for you to make the most of your study set up. Stow away your pens and rack up your phone to keep everything you need super accessible.

Transparent Sticky Notes

Clear sticky notes are an actual life saver. You can place them in your textbooks to write notes, trace, and highlight things, without actually damaging the books and risking yourself a fine from the Uni library. Being transparent, you can stick them anywhere on the page, and still see any info underneath. Get yourself stocked up!

Phone & Tablet Stand With Built In Speaker

If you’ve got yourself a tablet to study with, you might be sick and tired of trying to figure out your perfect study setup. Give one of these stands a go. It raises the tablet off the desk, helping out your slightly awful study posture. Watching a movie? It’s perfect for that too, lifting it up off the surface again letting you relax back into your cosy corner for a good while. With the built in speaker you can enjoy music and sound on your movies without the hassle of any more devices and cables.

Aesthetic Multi-Coloured Keyboard

Part of the battle when it comes to finding focus and concentrating on your studies, is crafting the perfect chill space to study. Your work desk needs to keep you relaxed and zoned in. We love this keyboard for building the best chill vibes you need to keep focus.

Desk Lamp & Charging Station

In line with crafting the best study vibes, light is going to be key. Get yourself one of these variable brightness table lamps to match whatever ambient light you have in your room at the time you want to study. This thing doubles up as a wireless phone charger too. Not bad eh.

Pastel Coloured Highlighters

You know you’re going to use highlighters, but why do they always have to be so brutally flourescent?! Not any more! We discovered this set of 12 pastel coloured marker pens for all your aesthetic note taking. These are super smooth to use, they don’t spread or bleed ink, and they are super quick drying. Everything you need from a highlighter. Not much else to say really, we just love em!

More Advice on Saving Money at Uni

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