The Best Home Cocktail Recipes

Want to make your pre-drinks more creative? Fancy a classy night in instead of a clubnight? Here are our fav home cocktail recipes and drinks ideas to make at home, especially if you’re on a budget!

Baby Guinness

The perfect shot for if you have a sweet tooth. A mixture of coffee liqueur and baileys (or Irish Cream).

Ingredients: Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua) and Baileys

Recipe: Simply fill a shot glass part way with your Coffee Liqueur. Top with Baileys to create the Baby Guinness effect.

Sex on the Beach 

The classic of all cocktails and the go to spoons pitcher that you can now make at home.  A cocktail that you can also make for quite cheap- perfect for if you’re on a budget!

Ingredients:  Vodka (50ml) , Peach Schnapps (25ml) , Orange Juice (50ml), Cranberry Juice (50ml).

Recipe: Mix together all of your ingredients into a cocktail shaker, then simply pour into an ice filled glass.

Tequila Sunrise

An exotic choice so you can feel like you’re on holiday, no matter what time of year it is! 

Ingredients: Tequila (50ml), Grenadine (25ml), Orange Juice (175ml)

Recipe: Mix together your orange and tequila. Then pour into a glass filled with ice and slowly add in your grenadine so you get the pretty sunrise effect. 


Another classic spoons pitcher that you make in your comfort of your own home (this is a recipe for just a single drink, so just increase the measurements if you’re making more)! This is quite a sweet cocktail, but refreshing nonetheless!

Ingredients: Peach Schnapps (25ml), Vodka (25ml), Cranberry Juice (50ml)

Recipe: Simply mix together all your ingredients and pour over ice. 


Probably one of the most refreshing cocktails out there. 

Ingredients: Lime (cut into 4 pieces), Mint, Strawberry/ Raspberries, Golden Rum (Captain Morgan’s or Havana) (50ml), Soda Water.

Recipe: Mash together your lime, mint and berries if you want a strawberry/raspberry mojito. Add in crushed ice to your glass and then add in your rum and top it off with soda water.


Shaken or stirred? Feel like James Bond and recreate this classic at home!

Ingredients: Vodka or Gin, depending on what you’re fancying (50ml), Dry Vermouth (1 tbsp), Olive or Lemon Peel (for garnish).

Recipe: Stir (or shake) together the gin and dry vermouth with ice. Then strain into a martini glass and serve with either a lemon peel or an olive depending on what you’re feeling.


The perfect rum cocktail.

Ingredients: White Rum (50ml), Lime Juice (25ml), Sugar Syrup (10ml)

If you want to create a strawberry daiquiri, add in some frozen strawberries into your cocktail. 

Recipe: Shake together all of your ingredients and pour into a cocktail glass. You can also make a frozen daiquiri, but you will need a blender to do this- if you make a frozen strawberry daiquiri, make sure to use frozen strawberries!


‘A Negroni… Sbagliato…’ .

Ingredients: Dry Gin (25ml), Sweet Vermouth (25ml), Campari (25ml), Ice, Slice of Orange (for garnish).

Recipe: Add in all of your ingredients into a mixing, and stir until the outside of the glass starts to feel cold. Then strain into a tumbler and garnish with your orange slice.

Whisky Old Fashioned

Ingredients: Granulated Sugar (1 tsp), Bitters (1-2 Splashes), Bourbon or Scotch Whisky (50ml), Orange Slice, Soda Water (optional), Cherry (optional – for decoration).

Recipe: Add your sugar and bitters into a tumbler glass and stir until the sugar dissolves. Fill your glass with cubed ice and then add in your whisky. If you want to, you can also mix in a bit of soda water. Garnish with an orange slice or cherry, or both!

Pina Colada

‘If you like a Pina Colada’! Feel like you’re on a trip abroad with this rum based cocktail.

Ingredients: White Rum (50ml), Coconut Cream (25ml), Single Cream (25ml), Pineapple Juice (200ml)

Or, instead of buying all these separate ingredients, save some money and just buy some Malibu! 

Recipe: Mix together all your ingredients into a cocktail shaker (if you have one) and then pour over ice.

Long Island Ice Tea

This is a cocktail that has quite the mix of alcohol.

Ingredients: Rum (25ml), Vodka (25ml), Gin (25ml), Tequila (25ml), Lime Juice (25ml), Coke.

Recipe: Add all your ingredients into a tall (highball) glass, and top with coke.

Lemon Drop

A classic Vodka cocktail

Ingredients: Vodka (50ml), Lemon Juice (50ml), Sugar (1 tbsp), Lemonade 

Recipe: First mix the vodka and lemon justice together. Then, once poured into the cocktail glass, top with lemonade. 

If you’re feeling fancy, you can always wet the rim of the glass and roll it in sugar to spice up your cocktail.

Singapore Sling 

A one for any gin lovers.

Ingredients: Gin (25ml), Cherry Brandy (25ml), Pineapple Juice (50ml), Benedictine (10ml), Grenadine (10ml), Cointreau (10ml), Soda Water.

Recipe: Mix together all your ingredients, minus the soda water. Pour into a ice filled glass and top with the soda water. 


One of the easiest cocktails to make as it consists of two ingredients.

Ingredients: Champagne (or you could probably use Prosecco) and orange juice. 

Recipe: Just add these two ingredients into a champagne glass and you’re good to go!

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