Student Life Make Money

Get Paid To Procrastinate!

Students Get Paid To Procrastinate

Turn your biggest personality flaw into cash!

It turns out dreams do come true…

If you find yourself spending most your spare time looking at memes, answering quizzes and going down weird rabbit-holes on Youtube, this is definitely one for you.

How it works.

Basically all you have to do is fill in quizzes and surveys and you get paid for it. You can save up points and cash out vouchers or cash straight to your Paypal! Because it’s a simple way to make money online it is very popular among students, but this is something anyone can do so long as you are over the age of 16.

  1. Sign up to Toluna for free, here.
  2. Check your email, and fill in the info about yourself. This is important as the surveys they send will depend on this information, so make sure you fill it in!
  3. Finally start answering the surveys! There are also games on the site that earn points and more!
  4. Earn points & Cash out!

Obviously this doesn’t pay as highly as a part-time job & it can take a while to earn enough points to cash out, but it is a good option to takeaway/beer money! If you do need a part-time job, check our Job Search. It’s the UK’s most comprehensive search and compiles over 1 million job listings! Check it out here.

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