Best Paid Online Survey Sites For Students

If you’ve some spare time on your hands, doing paid online surveys is a good way to earn a bit of extra money, without needing any brain power.

Put on your fav podcast, and complete a few surveys to help pay for your drinks on the weekend. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s totally legit. Not a bad deal eh?

What Are Online Surveys?

Online surveys are used by market research companies to understand public opinion on products or topics, for example politics. All you need to do is register with a few market research sites, take some surveys and get paid for your time. The great news is, because the whole point of online surveys is to gain an idea of opinions from all sorts of people, you don’t need any special qualifications to get involved and earn your money.

Can You Really Make Money Doing Online Surveys?

Absolutely! There’s always opportunities to make some extra money by doing online surveys. If you complete multiple surveys across a variety of sites, your earnings can build up. We’ve seen people earn hundreds in extra cash from surveys. And the great thing about online surveys is, you can complete them anywhere and anytime that suits you.

Are Paid Surveys Legit?

Yes they are totally legitimate, and used by reputable companies to get consumer feedback on products and services. We have highlighted some of the best paid online survey sites where you can earn money below, including: Swagbucks, YouGov & Valued Opinions.

Does An Online Survey Take Long?

Length of surveys vary quite a bit, depending on which topic they’re about. Some take 5 mins, others take 30 mins. It might be worth going for longer surveys if you want to earn more cash, as the longer surveys usually give you higher payouts.

Best Paid Survey Sites For Students

We’ve made sure to find the best paid survey websites for you. Not just the highest paying surveys, but also those that allow you to cash out quickly. We recommend signing up to a few of these survey sites, to give yourself the best chance of earning the most money.


Swagbucks is one of the most well known and most reliable paid online survey websites, with a cult following from around the world. They have awarded members almost half a billion £’s to date, also offering rewards like free gift cards.

Surveys on Swagbucks take around 10 mins to complete, meaning you can earn around £5 an hour. You can earn points only once a day on certain types of polls, so check their T&C’s before going crazy. You can earn points on these daily polls, for watching videos, searching via their page instead of google, and even get paid to play free online games. Your best bet is to take regular surveys and polls every day, to give you the highest payout for your time. Points that you earn on Swagbucks can be spent in its Rewards Store, on stores like Amazon, Tesco or Cafe Nero!

Swagbucks Paid Survey Site

Swagbucks Quick Facts

  • Payment Method: PayPal or Vouchers for Amazon, Tesco, Cafe Nero & more
  • Earnings Per Survey: 50p to £3
  • Average Survey Time: 10-20 minutes


i-Say might just be one of the best paying online survey site. These guys have loads of surveys to choose from, which earn you points that can be redeemed for vouchers at your favourite retailers, like Amazon, John Lewis, Argos & Boots.

We like i-Say for their clear idea on survey lengths before you start one, and they send you surveys every week to answer via email.

i-Say Quick Facts

  • Payment Method: PayPal or Vouchers for Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, Boots & more
  • Earnings Per Survey: 10p to £2
  • Average Survey Time: 15 minutes


YouGov surveys are quick and easy to complete, and there’s such a huge variety of survey topics, created by academics to charities, so you’ll never get tired of repetitive questions.

Surveys are infrequent, and you can’t cash in your earnings until you hit £50. Reviews have people saying it does take a bit of time to hit the payout threshold though. But when you hit your £50, it’s paid straight into your bank.

YouGov Quick Facts

  • Payment Method: Bank Transfer
  • Earnings Per Survey: 50p
  • Average Survey Time: 5-10 minutes

Branded Surveys

We love Branded Surveys because they have a great selection of high paying surveys, and you can cash out within a few days! Branded Surveys are super popular worldwide, with over 2 million members.

Their daily ‘Quick Survey’ helps you grab lots of points, with bonuses included when you complete these on consecutive days. You can also earn points for referring friends, and get a percentage for every penny that they earn!

Branded Surveys Quick Facts

  • Payment Method: PayPal or High Street Vouchers
  • Earnings Per Survey: 35p
  • Average Survey Time: 10-20 minutes

Inbox Pounds

At Inbox Pounds you can earn cash for playing games, answering surveys and completing offers. The great news with this one is that the threshold to cash out is super low at £20.

It’s a bit unusual to get paid to play games, but it’s ideal for those that don’t want to be bothered by answering questions. And that’s probably a lot of us. Plus you can grab yourself a bonus when signing up.

Inbox Pounds Quick Facts

  • Payment Method: PayPal or High Street Vouchers
  • Earnings Per Survey: 20p – £1
  • Average Survey Time: 10-20 minutes


OnePoll is super popular for it’s quick and easy surveys and polls. They sometimes run polls for the press, which means fun questions about celebrities, love life, and what your fav places to shop are.

Because their surveys are quick and easy, their payouts are smaller than the competition, but you’ll power through lots of polls in no time at all, and then get to the £30 minimum withdrawal threshold.

OnePoll Quick Facts

  • Payment Method: Cash by Bank Transfer & PayPal
  • Earnings Per Survey: 20p
  • Average Survey Time: 2-3 minutes

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is one of the more established survey sites, and share quick surveys that offer really strong payouts between £1-£5 per survey. You can bag yourself £10 in under an hour!

Valued Opinions pay in retail vouchers, including M&S, John Lewis, TK Maxx and Amazon. It’s worth noting that there is a 50p admin fee charged when redeeming your points for gift cards and vouchers. So if you want to get yourself a £10 voucher, you’ll need to cash in £10.50 worth of points.

Valued Opinions Quick Facts

  • Payment Method: Vouchers for Amazon, M&S, John Lewis & more
  • Earnings Per Survey: £1 – £5
  • Average Survey Time: 15-20 minutes


First off, we’re a big fan of Panelbase for their £3 bonus, quite simply for signing up to their paid online survey site. Easy money. Be ludicrous not to.

Surveys offered by Panelbase pay out higher than the industry average too, giving you the best chance for strong earnings. When you sign up complete everything in your profile to be shortlisted for as many surveys as possible as they screen their respondents very carefully.

Panelbase Quick Facts

  • Payment Method: Cash via Bank Transfer, High Street Vouchers
  • Earnings Per Survey: 50p-£10
  • Average Survey Time: 15-20 minutes


On Toluna you can access the usual paid surveys and product testing, but also access to market research and focus groups. So you want to make sure you can get access to as many campaigns as possible, so make sure you complete your full profile when you sign up, and you’ll get a lot more matches.

You can earn points and cash them through PayPal or with vouchers for some of your fav stores. Trustpilot reviews have shared that the amount you earn per survey, and the time it takes you to get up to the minimum payout threshold, isn’t as competitive as other platforms, so maybe go for Toluna if you have given your all to other options.

Toluna Quick Facts

  • Payment Method: PayPal or Vouchers at Starbucks, Argos & more
  • Earnings Per Survey: 20p
  • Average Survey Time: 5-20 minutes


Pinecone is a super elusive survey site, invitation only, but once you’re on the opportunities are fruitful! It’s a tricky one to get on the system, but if you’re lucky enough to get an invite, you’re onto a winner.

We’re big fans of Pinecone though, if you can get on the system, their payouts are much higher than industry average, and are super quick to complete.

Pinecone Quick Facts

  • Payment Method: Cash by Bank Transfer & PayPal
  • Earnings Per Survey: £3
  • Average Survey Time: 15-20 minutes

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