Ways To Make Money As A Student
Ways To Make Money As A Student
Make Money

Rich students. You either hate them or you love them. Hate their nice clothes. Love them on a night out. But student fees, accommodation, maintenance, and Tesco Value vodka are all going up in price faster than you can say "another jager please". We've put together a list of the best ways to make money as a student.

Student Part Time Jobs

While we highlight some of the easiest ways to make money as a student below, a

part time job

is the obvious first choice to help pay the bills. It will bring in a steady source of funding for your sports socials or your tinder dates, and maybe

help your CV

look a little less party animal and a little more pro team player.

Finding the part time job for you isn't always easy to find! For opportunities near you, head on over to our

Jobs Finder

, check your local classifieds, student facebook groups, or your uni careers centre.

Ways For Students To Make Money

If you'd rather earn cash from your couch or look for other easy money makers, have a read through our list below of the 

top money making methods

for students.

Online Surveys

A popular way for students to make money online in their spare time is

online surveys

. For a few minutes of filling in forms, you can earn yourself a few quid often paid in cash or vouchers for your fav stores. Click here to read our guide on how to get you started

Making Money from Online Surveys

. Filling in a few of these forms mid-hangover is an easy way to pass the time and to earn more than your minimum wage job without even taking off your slippers.

Reviews for Cash

Yes you know how to get lost on the internet. Googling Student Support Services one minute, then boom, 6 hours later and you've lost the plot watching enough dog compilation videos to last a lifetime.


could convince you otherwise though. Each session lasts about 20 minutes and can bag you around 6 quid a piece! If you don't hang about that's at least £18 an hour! Click here to learn how to

Get Paid To Review Products, Websites & Apps



We know what you're thinking "nobody ever wins these things". Sad face. But there's actually a growing community of competition pro's here in the UK making up to £50,000 a year through competitions! There are all sorts of competitions, from something as simple as a registration, liking an Instagram page, and answer 30 second phone questions. We recommend creating a new email just to be used for competitions, as the you'll likely end up with a bit of a spam. Once you've done that get straight onto google and give it a whirl.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping. Go shopping or eat out, write a review, and get paid! Seems too good to be true but it's actually easier than you think. There are lots of agencies that pay you to provide feedback on all sorts of experiences. It's worth googling around for the agency with the best jobs and pay outs, but once you have one sorted, you can enjoy the classy life and get paid to do so! If you can't be bothered with that and want to be shown the best places to start, Check Out Our

Mystery Shopping Guide Here



Businesses who need scalable tasks completing quickly, advertise on


to source large groups of people to help. Although they are often data entry, research, or form filling tasks, they are an easy way for us to make cash fast. Most tasks will pay cash and you can choose when to work and which jobs to work on.

Gigs on Fiverr and Upwork






are the three most popular websites worldwide for student freelancers to start earning money. You can sign up and offer services for absolutely anything. Everything from translation services to graphic design, create music to blogging! It's a great way to make money online and you can charge whatever you want to a network of customers across the globe. Plenty of people make a really good living just off these sites along, working remotely as they travel or from the safety of their own home.

Become a Delivery Driver or Rider

You can earn some big bucks if you have a set of wheels. Be it a bicycle, motorbike or your mums hatchback you borrowed at college and never gave back. Companies like



Just Eat

are always on the hunt for new riders, and allow you to work whenever you want. You can make more than £15 an hour. And ofcourse work off that food baby you've grown ever so close to. If you're into it, and after bigger payouts contact local takeaways direct to see if there are any delivery opportunities available.


If you haven't driven your neighbours to insanity, and they have a few kids of their own, offer to baby sit. It's a classic way to make some easy cash. You can expect to be paid around £10 per hour or more! Throw an ad into your local classifieds, on




, or sites like

Care Babysitting

. Just remember to play it safe on this one and get yourself a DBS check if you're going to look after children.

Dog Walking & Sitting

Do we really need to convince you on this one? We know what you'd do for a K9 cuddle, but dog sitting is big business! As a student you're gonna have loads of free time, in between lectures you don't go to and exams you don't revise for. You're an ideal candidate for someone who doesn't have the time to look after their pets! For every dog you look after you can pocket yourself

£10- £15 an hour


Get onto your local Facebook Groups, dish out flyers to your neighbours, hang them in super markets, do what you need to do and get the word out there. There's dogs that need attention! You can also make an account on

Care Pet Care



 and go wild. Check out our guide on

earning money walking dogs here


Work as a Charity Collector

If you're full of beans and not afraid to motivate the cold faces of strangers on the street this one might be for you. Charities like


or agencies like


pay a commission on new sign ups of around £20.

Rent out your House for Filming

TV and film studios are always on the hunt for new locations and houses to film in. It's really good money and crazy to see your pad on the big screen! Try out the


or head on over to Google and see what opportunities are knockin' around for you.

Rent Your Place Out On Airbnb

If you're not too fond on the idea of a film crew interrupting your hangover, try renting a spare room out in your house? If you or your flatmate are heading away, check with them and your landlord, and whack a room or the full place on


! It's free to list your place, and you only pay a 3% service charge when a reservation is confirmed. Keep an eye on local sports, music, or city wide events for opportunities when people will be flooding to your area and you can charge a super high price for a highly sought after bed for the night.

Rent Out Your Body

Bare with us on this one.. If you're comfortable infront of a camera, try your hand at modelling. There are agencies up and down the country paying between £400 and £1000 for a days work, and that's regular work! Remember stay safe, and don't do anything you don't want to!

Become an Extra

If you fancy stepping it up a notch and trying yourself out as an actor, or don't mind wandering past in the background, consider being an extra. They pay over £60 per day, and you barely even have to work for your money. Keep a look out for casting agencies that can set you up for all sorts of extras jobs, they'll take a cut of your pay but do all the hard graft in finding you regular work.

Clinical Drug Trials

Have a look at clinical drug trials if you want an easy way to make some moolah.


offer £100 a day! While they are strictly regulated, please bare in mind as safe as they may seem there are risks involved with any drug trial.

Get Paid to Use Instagram

If you have a large on Instagram, why not make the most of it and make some money! You can earn money doing sponsored posts for brands that want to get in front of your audience. If you see any you like, drop them a DM and let them know you're interested! Sign up to sites like

Fohr Card



. Check out which companies you like the look of and apply to them for a promotion. You can get paid in cash or product for your efforts depending on the deal. Do it for the gram.

Affiliate Marketing / Get Affiliated

If you have a big enough following on social media or your blog, you might be interested to learn how to become an affiliate marketer. You can promote all sorts of companies, products, services and offers online. Check out


Commission Junction



and you can get paid per click! These sites have hundreds of businesses on their networks, which you can apply to making sure they are relevant to your audience. There's no fee to join these networks, but they will take a cut of your profits.

Start a Blog

If you have a passion and think you would enjoy writing about it consider starting a blog. As you build a presence you can reach out to relevant businesses who might like pay for advertisement space on your site. They often send out free goods or cash in return for some paid for content. Check out our

How To Make Money Blogging

guide for more info.

Youtube Videos

If you're passionate about something you think others might like to learn about, consider starting a youtube channel. If you work hard at it and make it big, you can make huge amounts of money. As soon as you become a Youtube Partner you can place ads on your videos, and start bringing in the money from big time advertisers.

Claim Tax Back

Most of the time when working as a student you'll likely pay too much income tax. You're allowed to earn a little more than £10,000 a year completely tax free! So whether it's a part time job, placement, or paid internship, and your yearly income you're likely due a tax refund! Head on over to the official

Gov.uk Tax Refund Claim

page to check if your eligible for some free cash!

Get Cashback When Shopping

You are missing out big time if you aren't signed up to any cashback opportunities. Sites like


give you decent cashback rates and is completely free to use! We recommend staying away from sites you pay to use.


have the best selection of big brands for all things clothing, food and utilities. Search for your favourite retailer, click through to their site and shop as normal. Every time you do this you will get a percentage back in your pocket. Spend money to make money. It would be silly not to!

Sell Second Hand Uni Books

We've all been there. Buying the full reading list on day one, thinking "you can do it, this is your year". Only to realise 9 months later that the only time you've read them was when you're packing up your room to move out for the summer. Nightmare. Your can sell old textbooks to some university libraries, bookshops. Pin up an ad on the noticeboards in your campus, or drop a post into your course facebook pages. To earn the most money from your old books, read our

Selling Used Books Guide Here


Mobile Phone Recycling

You know the iPhone with the smashed screen you've had sitting in your sock drawer? It can be worth some decent cash! Have a google for the best offers and you can sell your phone whether it's working or not. Our best phone recycling recommendations are



Mazuma Mobile


Music Magpie


Sell Your Old CD's, DVD's & Games

A super easy way to make some quick money, is to sell your old stuff! We know you paid a tenner a piece on those things back in the day, but realistically we all know nobody's going to listen to your ex's Love Actually Soundtrack again. Like ever. Flog it, and use the cash to drown your sorrows. Before selling your old CDs and DVDs, make sure you copy the music or films onto your computer so you can still enjoy those guilty pleasures.

Music Magpie



are our favourites, with a super easy system to value up what your stuff is worth, they'll pay for your postage, and then you get the money!

Sell Your Old Clothes

This one goes out to all the floordrobe managers up and down the country. You have too many clothes! You know how you only wear the same clothes that takes up like literally two hangers in your wardrobe, and you never use the rest of it? Get rid or your tat and get paid. Selling clothes on




are super easy ways to sell your old bits and get the funds in. Download their apps, and you'll have something online in minutes. Just don't do what we do and spend our profits before we make them.

H&M sometimes have a promotion running where you can trade a bag of clothing for a £10 voucher to spend in store! This depends on the store and time of the year, so head on down to the highstreet and ask around. You can also trade your clothes for cash at websites like

Return to Earn


Paid for Searching on the Web

You couldn't find an easier way to make money online. The amount of effort is minimal here. Get paid for doing what you already do. Boom.


is the pioneer of this idea, rewarding you for searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo. All you have to do is add an extension to your browser, and game on. Particular results have rewards attached to them, if you spot one you like, simply click on it and collect your reward. There's no minimum cash out and you can transfer it straight into your Paypal. Sign up for free and get the ball rolling.

Write Music Reviews

If you enjoy exploring new music, and are keen to share your opinion, tell the world and get paid.


pay you to review songs from unsigned bands and musicians

Sell Your Notes

If you don't mind sharing your hard work with other students, why not get paid to do it! Upload your revision notes, set your price, and when another student downloads them, cha-ching its pay day. We like 

Nexus Notes




Tutor Other Students

If you think you've done enough work to guide a history student into battle, or an astrophysics student to the moon, maybe you should consider tutoring other students! It's easier than ever, and thanks to online tutoring sites you can make some serious money. You can earn up to £80 an hour! Try out

Tavistock Tutors


UK Tutors

. One to one lessons in person or online, are in demand for a whole host of subjects. Or you can use


 to create an online course, forget about, and let the pounds roll in!

Buy & Sell Domain Names

Domain names or URLs cost as little as 99p to register on sites like


But did you know premium domain names can be bought for 99p, and sold for thousands! Back in 2010 CarInsurance.com sold for a ludicrous $49.7 million! Now we aren't making any promises, but if you snap up some domains with real commercial value, you can try pitching them to relevant businesses and show them why they absolutely need that website name, or list them for sale on a site like



Sell Your Photos

If you have an eye for taking photos, try uploading your shots to stock websites. You can try out

Getty Images


Adobe Stock

. If someone has a use for these images, in an article or on their website, they will pay you good money for it's use. If can spot the trends on what's hot or not, you can take photos targeted to these niche markets.

Sell Your Funny Stories & Videos

There's nothing funnier than your mates embarrassing themselves, and some how by the luck of god you caught it on camera to relive over and over again! Sell your video to You've Been Framed for an easy £250

Rent Out Your Car Parking Space

If you're lucky to get a parking space when you move to uni but you aren't lucky enouch to have a car, consider renting it out. There are plenty of people that work at universities, or near by in the city centres that hate paying extortionate daily parking rates and would appreciate a regular spot. Advertise your space on


or local Facebook groups.

Matched Betting

Easily the fastest way to line your wallet full of cash! We hear stories all the time about students earning £100s from this technique. It's completely legal, risk free, tax free, and anyone over 18 in the UK can do it! Matched betting takes advantage of free bets offered by betting sites. It eliminates the risk of the bet by betting both 




 a certain outcome. And by using a number of free bets offered by various betting sites, you can easily bank hundreds of pounds. The process has been featured by the Guardian, Telegraph & Huffington Post as a great way to bag yourself some quick cash. Head on over to our guide on how to match bet your way to a wealthy weekend.

Online Market Trading

Until recently investing in the stock market or currencies has always been a tricky one for small time investors. You either needed a huge amount of cash, struggle with high fees, or meet Jordan Belfort, beat your chest and see what happens next time you're on Wall Street. These days online trading platforms, all with their own apps, have opened the market to all sorts of people.




offer free practise accounts for people to dabble with until they get comfortable making gains.

With millions of users worldwide, these companies have changed the way people invest. And for those curious but can't be bothered, we hear ya! You can follow and copy the exact same investments made by other top performing traders using the platform. Please be aware that all trading involves risk.

Bitcoin & Crypto

In the last few years, cryptocurrency has exploded! With such incredibly huge growth, many have made millions. Similar to trading stocks there are risks involved so it's super important to know what you're getting into before investing.

Become Your Own Bank

Peer to Peer lending is the future. You basically lend you money to a company, who then lends to an invidual via a loan. You receive the interest rates they charge the individual, and the borrower will receive a cheap loan!


is our favourite, fully FCA regulated, and to date say not a single investor has lost money. They have systems in place to support the investor, if their borrowers miss a loan repayment. You can expect to achieve up to a 5% fixed return! And if you can, always choose the ISA account option to earn your interest completely tax free.

Go Busking

While we encourage you to make money, please only do it if you're good. We beg you. You might need permission from the council to busk in certain spots. Enjoy earnings of well over £50 if you find yourself a good spot!

Sell Your Sperm

If you've sold all your belongings, your body for cash, and can still only baked beans for dinner, maybe it's time. Selling your sperm can bag you £250 a go! You will have to visit two or three times a week, and you have to refrain from err.. dispensing when you aren't there. There are a few criteria that need to be met, but if you check out, and you're keen for a quickie, visit the

Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority

for more info on how to donate.

Trade in Empty Ink Cartridges for Cash

Saving up your empty ink cartridges and selling them to sites like


can bag you some extra spends. They will collect your cartridges and toners for free, so sneak around your house and gather up as many as you can. It's kinda basically printing money. Kinda.

More Advice on How to Make Money as a Student

There are so many options if you’re a student and are wanting to earn some extra money. Check out our

Make Money Hub

to give you some more ideas, our

Jobs Finder

to find the perfect job for you. And if you're completely lost, read up on

How To Get a Job

for students!

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