Types Of People You’ll Meet At Uni
Types Of People You’ll Meet At Uni
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The Party Animal

There’s always one who will be found at any event that can be turned into a party. They’re the one making the very most out of freshers week to say the least. Chances are, they’ll be at every pub crawl, club night or house party. You’ll see them emerge from their room midday, hungover, but ready to go again. You’ll wonder how they do it, how they can keep it up, these people are on another level. Chances are, they will be the life of the party, and know how to have a good time for sure. 

The Nervous One

Everyone will feel some sort of nerves when starting uni, it’s such a daunting experience at the end of the day. Chances are, you’ll meet people who are incredibly shy and reserved at first. Don’t tread on eggshells though, with a little encouragement and once they get to know you, they’ll be coming out of their shell in no time. Uni is great for boosting people’s confidence and you will find that the people who are usually shy and extroverted at first are in fact a right laugh once you get to know them. So, don’t discount them from nights out because you think they don’t want to go, sometimes they just need a little push.

The Organiser

These guys are probably the most organised people you have ever met. They are definitely the person in school with the neatest notes and colour co-ordinated time table. These students tend to be always on top of all of their studies, their whole week planned out in advance, and you best believe they have a detailed Sunday reset routine. They know every event through Freshers week. They throw the best parties because, naturally they will organise to make sure everyone is included. These are probably the best people to be friends with as they will know what is going on and when, how you’re going to get there, how much money you’ll need, and if you can get free entry.

The Sports Kid

You’re guaranteed to find someone who is dead into sports and fitness. You’ll find an abundance of protein powder and pre workout in the kitchen. Chances are, you won’t seem them too much in the daytime, as they will be trying out for all the sports teams and

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they can get their hands on. You can catch them at any sports social at your uni, and they will always always always want to tell you about this crazay initiation they did one time. Wild.

The Culture Vulture

Keep an eye out for the artsy student with a passion for painting, fashion, theatre or music. They usually hang out in the local art galleries and museums. They will also know all the cool, underground bands that are playing. All of them. Not even joking. Try them. The good news is, they’re always super chilled, outgoing and great to hang around with. Chances are they will be super well read and down for some deep, thought provoking convos. Get involved with the culture vulture, you’ll have a laugh.

More Advice on Surviving Freshers

At Uni you will meet so many different people, all with different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. It’s super interesting meeting new people, and you can learn so much from those around you. You never know what kind of fun and interesting events and days out you can also get involved with. 

When you move to uni, keep your head on with an open mind. Be accepting of everyone you meet: from the party animal, to the arts junky, everyone has different interests, and by speaking to all these people, it’ll broaden your own interests, and open your outlook to so many opportunities.

Uni is a time to step out of your comfort zone and being exposed to different types of people can really help you get a better understanding of the world around you. The people you meet really do help make your university experience.

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