The Best Student Drinking Games
The Best Student Drinking Games
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Time is ticking. You’re looking at your watch. You only have an hour left of pre’s before you go out. “We need to step it up a notch. Anyone know and drinking games?” Student Saviour has your back. Course we do.

We’ve outlined a list of the best drinking games for students. From the classic Ring of Fire and Never Have I Ever, all the way through to Drinking Jenga. We’ve noted the rules from each drinking game. But let’s be honest any sense of order for a drinking game immediately goes out the window after you get the sambuca wobbles from playing catch up too much, and are keen for your protege’s to get on your level.

Beer Pong Rules

It’s on. The king of all drinking games. Figuring out how to play beer pong is mega simple. It’s a game that doesn’t require much brain power, but definitely takes some skill. To be honest, it’s one of few drinking games that actually might benefit you having a drink or two. Remain calm. And give it your best shot.

  • Set up a table with a triangle of plastic cups (or glasses if you’re posh). You can either yes 6 cups or 10 cups, depends how wavey you’re feeling.

  • Fill each cup with your drink of choice. The tradition is beer but we’re Brits and can handle the good stuff, so spoil yourself. The norm is to pour a third of a cup full, but really be as brave as you think you are. Just bare in mind there’s a lotta booze to neck and there’s plenty of time to get wobbly after pre’s.

  • Split into two teams. Each team takes a turn at trying to throw the ping pong ball into one of cups on the opposite sides.

  • If the ball lands in a cup, one of the members of the opposing team has to drink it.

  • The first team to get of all the cups wins! The losing team also has to drink all the remaining cups on the winners side of the table.

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Ring of Fire Rules

The Ring of Fire is one of the best drinking games that never fails to leave you laughing your booze down at an impressive rate.

This is how to play ring of fire. Find yourself a deck of playing cards and a large glass or jug. Something big enough to hold a lot of alcohol, you’ll see why later. Spread the cards facing downwards in a circle around the glass. With everyone sitting around the table in a circle, each person takes turns to pick a card.

The number on each card corresponds to a different task. Now rules do vary and will likely be a source of disagreement, but the most outrageous choices will likely prevail. We’ve listed the most popular rules below.

  • Ace – Waterfall

     – The player who chooses the card starts drinking, the player to their left then starts drinking. The player to that persons left then begins, and so on. Once everyone is drinking, the person who started the chain can stop, when they choose. This gets interesting as you can’t stop drinking until the person before you stops. Stay strong for us.

  • Two – You

     – The person who chooses the card can nominate another player to take a swig of their drink.

  • Three – Me 

    – Take a swig of your own drink.

  • Four – Boys

     – All the guys need to take a drink.

  • Five – Thumb Master 

    – You now can put your thumb on the table, on the sly though! Everyone must copy you and put their thumb on the table. The last person to put their thumb down, drinks. You can stay as Thumb Master until someone else picks up a five. With great power comes great responsibility! May as well abuse that power as much as you can then.

  • Six – Chicks 

    – All girls in the circle, take a drink.

  • Seven – Heaven 

    – Throw one hand in the air. Everyone has to copy you and put a hand in the air. The last one to do so… You guessed it. Drink!

  • Eight – Mate

     – Pick someone to be your ‘mate’ haha. Whenever you drink, they have to drink, so choose wisely! This resets when someone else picks an 8. Thank u next.

  • Nine – Rhyme 

    – Choose any word. The person to your left has to think of a word which rhymes with it. Keep going round the circle, everyone rhyming with the word before their turn. Whoever thinks about it for longer than 10 seconds, or repeats a word, drinks.

  • Ten – Categories

     – Pick a category (eg. fruits, or UK cities). Like above, go round the circle, everyone taking turns to name something within that category (eg. banana, or London). Again the first person to repeat or think too long, drinks.

  • Jack – Make a Rule

     – Make up a rule of your own, and if anyone breaks the rule, it’s a three mouthful drink penalty. Make the penalty ridiculous, and the rule ridiculously easy to break. For example “Only drink with your left hand”. It’s a guarranteed fail by most around the table.

  • Queen – Question Master

     – If you ask a question, and someone answers. They drink. Enjoy this one! Catch people off guard, casually sliding a question in, and get them drinking.

  • King – Pour/Drink

     – Picking one of the first three kings to appear in the deck means you have to pour some of your drink into the glass in the middle of the table. If you pick the last king, our commiserations are with you. You have to down everything in the middle glass. It’s bound to be the worst mixture of drink so good luck!

  • Finally make sure you don’t break the circle of cards! If you do, you have to down your whole drink. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Never Have I Ever Rules

Never Have I Ever is one of the classic drinking games if you’re keen to find out the hilarious or cheeky facts about people in your pre drinks.

Everyone takes it in turns to say a sentence starting with “Never have I ever…” and the more cringey the ending to the sentence the better! It’s a prime way to get closer to new friends, embarrass yourself and drown your sorrows in the hope you forget what you just admitted to.

For example “Never have I ever…not brushed my teeth for 3 days straight”. Anyone who has actually done this, firstly brush your teeth please, but secondly they have to drink. If nobody admits and drinks, you have to take a drink.

Irish Snap Rules

This game is best for small groups because things might get a lil roudy. Irish snap is really simple, read on to learn how to play.

Make sure everyone is sat round a table, and can reach the middle. Share the cards out so everyone has an even quantity. Don’t look at your cards yet, and keep them face down on the table. Take it in turns going round the circle, each placing a card on the table, turning it over as you do.

When you place the card, say a card value starting with Ace and going all the way up to King, before starting over again. The first person says “Ace”, second person says “two”, third says “three” etc. If the number you say out loud matches the number on the card, SNAP! Everyone must shout snap, and place their hand on top of the pile of cards in the middle of the table. The last person to do so has to drink, and take all the cards from the pile.

The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards first. The loser has to drink their entire drink. The more cards you end up with the more booze you’ll drink, nightmare.

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Friends & Enemies Rules

This one maybe not so many people have heard of, so keep reading how to play Friends & Enemies Take a pack of cards and deal them out evenly to everyone in the circle. Keep your cards hidden from other players. Whoever picks a card first, places it on the table, saying someone in the group’s name as they do so. That chosen person has to drink for as many seconds as the number on the card (eg. 6 seconds for 6 of hearts). The colour and suit of the card don’t matter here.

There’s an interesting twist though. If someone else in the group has a card with the same number, they can save the chosen person, and pass the drinking duties on to another player. This is sketchy behaviour. Gain a friend or make an enemy. But let’s be honest, we’re all just trying to have a bevvy.

The best part of this game though? The numbers stack up! So when players pass on the drinking duty, it keeps adding up until all the cards with that number have been dealt.

So you pull a 6 of hearts and nominate someone to drink for 6 seconds. Another player uses their 6 of spades, saves the nominated, and chooses someone else to take the hit. Except this time it’s 12 seconds. If you want to play dangerously, this can keep doubling up to total 24 seconds! All picture cards count as 10, because even students have limits to their drinking capabilities! If you’re nominated to drink, you can’t save yourself with one of your own cards. You have to wait and hope someone else saves you instead.

And remember, you don’t have to play your card, so enjoy the power of deceit and getting your friends drunk!

Task Master Rules

This game involves approaching random strangers so it’s perfect for pre drinks in your halls or public places like a pub. It even works pretty well on your night out. We know, stranger danger. Awks. How to play is really simple.

Begin the game with a rock, paper, scissors battle. The winner of is then the first Task Master.

The Task Master has the privelege of giving a task to someone in the group, a task that involves people who don’t play your game. The Task Master could tell someone to knock on next doors flat and ask if their fridge is running, and if it is, get them to chase after it… Okay sorry, maybe ask to borrow some friends because you’ll have none if you pull out any more of awful jokes.

If you refuse to do the task, you need to drink your entire drink. If the task fails, or you give the game away to the person, you drink half your drink. And if the task is a success, everyone else in the group takes a drink, and the role of the Task Master is now yours!

Drinking Jenga Rules

Grab yourself a set of drinking Jenga blocks, or get creative and DIY your own.

Each Jenga block should have a different command written on it. Set up your tower as normal Jenga, and for every block that’s taken out, the person has to follow what it says you should do on the block.

Before kicking off the game, pour a bit of your drink into a pint glass, and yeah you guessed it. Whoever topples the tower has to neck it. Roasted.

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Around The World Rules

This game has a million different names, but we tend to know it as Irish Poker or the Four Card Game. It’s pretty simple, so let’s dive right in. The dealer places four cards in front of the player, who has to guess something about each one before it’s turned over.

First Round

: they have to guess the colour of the first card; whether the second card is higher or lower; if the third card is in between the first two cards or not; and finally they have to guess the suit of the fourth card. Each time, if they guess correct, they can nominate people for drinks. If they guess wrong, they have to drink themselves.

Second round

: the dealer places eight cards on the table in two columns of four. One is a ‘give’ column, and one is a ‘take’ column. Each card is turned over at the same time, alternating between the two columns. If the card number matches any of the cards on the first round, the player either takes or gives drinks, depending on the column. How many drinks is up to the person choosing the cards. The number of drinks can correspond to the number on the cards, the level in the column etc. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re getting wavey, you’re doing it right.

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International Drinking Rules

If all these games and rules are too complicated for you, or you can’t be bothered with the hassle of cards, these simple drinking rules are an easy set to remember. We’ve outlined a few below, but you can pick and choose between them. Break them, and you drink.

  • No swearing

  • No saying the word “drink”

  • No calling anyone by their name

  • Everyone has to drink with their opposite hand (if you’re right handed, drink with your left)

  • Empty glasss cant be put down on the table, they have to be refilled first.

Disclaimer: Although drinking games can be a lot of fun for some, and an interesting way to meet people, never feel pressured into drinking alcohol, or downing your drink if you don’t want to. You know your own limitations, and your friends will appreciate you however you choose to drink. If you’re worried, try making a weaker drink, or alcohol free beverages. The chances are, nobody will bat an eyelid, and you can enjoy the games all the same.

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