How To Sell Used Books Online For Cash
How To Sell Used Books Online For Cash
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Your book shelves are overflowing because you bought a load of books for Uni that you know you only needed for one term. It’s okay, now might be the time to get some money back for that reading list.

Unless your books are completely falling to pieces, there will be someone somewhere willing to give you money for it. You have lots of different ways to get rid, sell your books online, and make a bit of extra cash!

Best Places To Sell Used Books Online

Now you’ve made the decision not to drop all your books off at the local charity shop, and you want to make some money from your old books, here’s where you’ll want to start.. Your first step is to decide where’s best to sell your second hand books.


Recognised as one of the best websites to sell your old books, WeBuyBooks is also our first choice. It’s easy, super simple to use, and you can get money back for your books really quickly. You can also sell CDs and DVDs online with WeBuyBooks. Simply download the app, scan the ISBN number by your book’s barcode, and you’ll receive an instant price for what you can get for your book!

Once you have decided which books you would like to sell, box them up and WeBuyBooks will either collect them for free, or will give you a postage label for you to drop them off at the Post Office. The great news is, WeBuyBooks offer a next day payment system, so you’ll get your money paid out super fast!

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: Books, CD’s, DVDs & Games


MusicMagpie will buy your old tech, mobile phones, games and more. But people might not know that they buy your old books too! At MusicMagpie you can also sell CDs and DVDs online. Simply enter your book’s ISBN number, and get an instant price for your books.

MusicMagpie is another really quick, hassle free way to get some money back on your reading list. You won’t even have to wait around to get your money, with the MusicMagpie same day payments system, you’ll get paid as soon as they are received!

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: Books, Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Tech, CDs, DVDs, Games & more.


eBay is one of the best places to sell your old books. If they are in high demand, you’re going to reach people all around the world looking for your book, and you’ll likely get a good amount of money for it!

So although eBay does charge fees on everything you sell, it is still a really good opportunity to make a bit of extra cash. Just make sure you remember to charge a fair postage rate, so you don’t end up losing money when you send out your old book to its new home.

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: Anything in your wildest dreams, to people all around the world.


Facebook Marketplace

 is a great place to start. It’s completely free, and ads are super quick and easy to set up. You can get really quick feedback from people who can pop round with cash to buy your old books from your local area.

University & Course Facebook Groups

 can also give you access to groups of people who are in need of exactly the books you want to get rid of. Join the groups and let people know what’s up for grabs, you might be surprised about the response!

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: Anything you can, for free, to people in your local area, university, or course.

Tips on How To Make Money Selling Used Books Online

Selling your old books, and even CDs & DVDs online is a brilliant way to earn some extra cash to help you through the year. So now you know the best websites to use and making some money by getting rid of your old bits!

Accurately Describe Your Used Book


Define the key facts here: book title, the author, the publisher and the date published.


: When listing your old book, be honest and accurate about your description. If you don’t, you’re only making a problem for yourself, and you’ll probably get it returned to you. Costing you time, money and effort. Unsure on what to point out? Check out similar listings, and use them as a template. While it’s good to consider your book's condition, don't throw away books just because you've made notes inside them. This is one of the rare cases where your notes might not wreck the value of the book. Good notes could actually come in handy for some students, meaning you can still get some cash for your books.

Take Good Pictures Of Your Book

Wherever you’re selling your books, you’ll want to take the best pictures you can. Take photographs of your books in good bright light, displaying your book carefully. Take photos of the front and back covers, the spine, and any particular areas that might have some defects.

Even if you aren’t selling them on a used marketplace or eBay, and a company is taking them off your hands, you’ll want a record of what the actual book looks like, so you can prove the condition of the book, in the small chance a dispute might occur down the line.

Other Ways to Make Money as a Student

We pulled out our Top Picks on where to make some cash for your old books. But there will always be millions of other places to choose from, have a Google and see what suits you best.

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