How To Sell Clothes Online For Cash
How To Sell Clothes Online For Cash
Make Money

Looking for a way to earn some extra money? Been enjoying the shops a bit too much, and now you you want to get rid of them? Make some money & make room for a new wardrobe refresh!

There are millions of people out there obsessed with buying vintage and second hand clothes. Well, we have come up with a list of the best places where you can make easy money selling your old clothes!

Best Places To Sell Old Clothes Online

Now you’ve made the decision to get rid of your old wardrobe. Instead of gathering up your unwanted bits and dropping them all off at the charity shop, why not make some extra cash and sell them all online.


Depop is probably one of the most popular apps for students to sell their clothes. Many students have found a lot of success both buying and 

selling clothes on Depop

. It has a big community, so it can be used if you’re just wanting to sell a few things. There are even people using Depop as a platform to start a side hustle!

It has a very instagram vibe in terms of layout, so it’s incredibly easy to use. One student managed to open their own vintage store from selling their clothes on Depop and Ebay. 

Learn more about that here

. With Depop, there is a 10% charge for each sale and there is also a paypal charge, however, it is definitely still worth using this to sell your clothes!


Vinted is another incredibly popular platform for buying and selling clothes. Although the main user base is slightly older, many students still find success on this. The upside to Vinted is that there is no fee for selling clothes. There is a buyers fee however, but if you’re just selling your clothes, you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs.


Ebay is the king of classics for selling your unwanted clothes or items. It’s one of the biggest online platforms out there, has been around for years, and you can pretty much sell anything on there. Tailoring your ebay to something specific (for this case clothes) will benefit your Ebay store. Bare in mind, they charge a sales fee above 12% and a fixed charge of 30p for every sale you make.


Normally Etsy is renowned for its unique homeware and gift ideas, but plenty of people use the platform to sell their second hand or vintage clothes on there. If you’re looking to sell any upcycled clothes  or accessories, then Etsy is a great place to do it. Etsy is really good if you have a creative little side business.

Asos Marketplace

If you’re only wanting to sell a couple of old clothes, then ASOS Marketplace might not be for you. It tends to be a platform for dedicated fashion entrepreneurs. You have to guarantee there will be a minimum of 15 items or more listed in your store, so it is definitely for people who want to start a business or side hustle selling vintage or reworked clothes.

Facebook Marketplace

Similar to Ebay, you can pretty much sell anything on here, so it is perfect if you just want to declutter your wardrobe. It’s also quick and easy if you already have a facebook account and use it regularly. Since Facebook is a popular social media platform, it is perfect for selling your clothes quickly.

Tips on How To Sell Your Old Clothes

Selling anything online can get a little complicated. But to avoid any stress and nightmares, make sure you do the following. You’ll be thanking us later, when you’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Price Reasonably

I know, you want to earn millions from your old clothes. But the only way they’re going to sell is if they’re priced fairly. Check other similar items online, and price closely to them. Bare in mind condition of the item will impact price.

If you don’t want to let an item go too cheap, you can always list it a little higher, and you might get a surprise offer. But if things don’t sell, try reducing it after a few weeks, so you can still get some money for your unwanted wardrobe clutter.

Accurately Describe Your Clothes

Make sure to note the brand name of your clothing item, this is what people are interested in when searching for their next vintage or used clothing buy! Any features that aren’t obvious in the photos? Mention it! The more info the better.

Accurate Size Descriptions

First off, always take a photo and mention clearly the size of the item. And If you’re listing an item that feels different to the size on the label, mention it! It’ll make sure your buyer knows exactly what they’re getting, before they spend their money and you post it out.

Describe Condition Fairly

When listing your old clothes, be honest and accurate about your description. If you don’t, you’re only making a problem for yourself, and you’ll probably get it returned to you. Costing you time, money and effort. Unsure on what to point out? Check out similar listings, and use them as a template.

Take Good Pictures Of Your Clothes

Wherever you’re selling your clothes, you’ll want to take the best pictures you can. Make them presentable, and take photographs in good bright light, displaying the item carefully. Take photos of the front, back, any details, branding, labels. And importantly take photos of any damages or wear and tear to the item. Always better to be honest and open, before the buyer spends their money. As we keep saying, the last thing you want is to deal with a return.

Check Postage Prices Before Listing

You’ll want to charge postage on your listings. To make sure you aren’t out of pocket when you end up at the post office, weigh your item, and look at how big the parcel might be before listing. Check prices at the Post Office or courier websites before sending. Save yourself the hassle of leaving yourself out of pocket for postage.

Other Ways to Make Money as a Student

We pulled out our Top Picks on where to make some cash for your old clothes. But there will always be millions of other places to choose from, have a Google and see what suits you best.

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