How to Travel on a Budget as a Student
How to Travel on a Budget as a Student

As a student, traveling on a budget is a must. Whether that is a city break, a summer holiday or just a trip home, saving money where you can is always helpful.

Find below our guide on how you can save money whilst traveling as a student.

Train Travel on a Student Budget

Traveling Off-Peak

Whether that is flying or taking the train. Try to avoid traveling at peak times (for example, rush hour) or during school holidays (especially during the school summer holidays) as prices increase significantly during this time. As a student, when the semesters start and end is great as we often have longer off. 

If you’re traveling home for the weekend, especially on Friday, avoiding buying tickets between 6.30am - 9.30 am and 15.30-18.30 will help you save some money. 

Student Railcard

If you travel a lot on trains, it is a great idea to buy a railcard so you can save, as train tickets can be incredibly expensive.

Invest in a 16-25 Railcard for £30 for the year or £70 for 3 years and save up to £159 (on average) on you travel. For more info and how to start saving with your

Student Railcard, Click Here



If you're looking to travel abroad, but want to find a super cheap way to hop from one city to another, interrailing might just be for you.

Interrailing Europe

is a brilliant way to discover more of Europe: it’s super cheap, super flexible, and is a great way of meeting similar people with the heart of a traveller!

Plane Travel on a Student Budget

Cheap Flights

If you’re looking to fly, book your flights for a Tuesday and Wednesday, and you can avoid the rush on Sunday by traveling on Saturdays and Mondays. If you can, book your tickets on a Sunday as well, as 


 reported that you can save 15% on international fights and 5% on domestic flights.

It is also important to book your travel in advance, even though you can sometimes get some really good last minute deals, booking in advance will guarantee that you can get your flights for cheap, and you don’t run the risk of prices increasing. Have a look through our favourite websites to get deals on flights:

  • Skyscanner

     (this can also help you find cheap accommodation, car hire and more)

  • Kayak

  • Ryan Air

     (RyanAir are great for cheap flights) 

  • Expedia

Flying through a 

budget airline

 is one of the best ways of spending less on your next trip abroad. It is true, you get what you pay for, but you pay a hell of a lot less for it, so give it a go. Check out our 

budget airline survival guide

 to help you make the most of your cheap travel.

Stay Within The Luggage Allowance

This may seem like common sense, but most airlines are strict when it comes to luggage allowance and this could be an unexpected cost that you certainly do not want. So make sure that you stay within the baggage allowance. 

More Tips on How To Save Money on Your Flights

If you're set on travelling abroad, and want to learn more about how to save your cash on your next flight abroad, check out our guide on

How To Find Cheap Flights

for students here.

Quick Travel Tips & Tricks For Students

How Students Can Save Money On Accommodation Abroad

When traveling as a student, finding cheap accommodation is a must! There are multiple websites and apps that you can use to help you find cheaper accommodation, so you can stay well within your budget. 

Compare accommodation on

(this will help you to compare the cheapest hotels) or find a cute Air BnB (there are so many hidden gems on AirBnB)!

Staying in hostels is an ideal way to save some even more money, looking at places such as

Hostel World



will help you to find a cheap, fun and cool hostel for you to stay in whilst on your travels. For discounts on travel and accommodation


Travel with friends

Traveling with friends is a great way for you to save some money. You can split the cost of things on your travels, like the cost of transport, the cost of your airbnb/hotel and more. Traveling with your friends is a great way to make memories, and it’s even better that you can save a bit of money too. 

Travel Insurance

You can get cheap travel insurance that will cover you for your trip. When you book your holiday, more often than not, you can get your travel insurance through them, or you can find affordable insurance on places like 




 and more - it is definitely worth looking into these things. It’s so important that you purchase travel insurance as if you are to take ill whilst abroad, you do not want to be slapped with any form of hospitable bill!

Travel Money

Beware of using your regular bank card whilst abroad, as you can often be charged per transaction. Although a minor charge, these costs can add up, and these can be easily avoided. You can always take cash with you, but if you don’t fancy carrying cash around with you, you can buy a travel card, or use a card such as Monzo while you’re abroad. Using a Monzo card will also be a great way for you to keep track of what you’re spending whilst you are away as well. 

Buy Cheap Toiletries

When traveling, it is all about convenience, so make sure you stock up on travel sized essentials before you go. You can buy cheap toiletries at places like Home Bargains, B&M, Poundland, and any shops like this. Avoid getting your toiletries at the airport!! 

Remember your ID

Make sure you take your ID with you! It is also worth taking your student ID with you as you never know what discounts you can get while traveling!

More Advice on Student Travel

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