How To Stay Healthy During Freshers
How To Stay Healthy During Freshers

Throughout Freshers it’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement and we can sometimes forget to look after ourselves. Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a heavy booze up 8 nights out of 7, might not be the best to keep you fighting fit for the new year. Who knew eh? 

On the surface it might feel like you’ll never be able to enjoy yourself. If you’re wondering how to stay healthy during freshers, look no further. These simple things can minimise the damage of what’s for many, the biggest craziest time of the year. Read on to figure out how!

Let’s Talk About The Drink

We’re not here to tell you all the reasons why you shouldn’t drink. Nobody likes a know-it-all, and if you want to party, you’re gonna party. But to save yourself the pain of a hangover, do yourself a favour and drink a glass of water before bed, and have one ready for the morning after. On top of that, feeding yourself after a night out will help soak up some of that nasty booze you drank the night before, and you’ll wake up feeling less of a wreck. Honestly, it’s surprising how much better you’ll be left feeling.

Have A Glass Of Water

The classic. Ever had your boyfriend chase you down with a glass of water like it'll solve all your life problems? He might not be all that absent minded though. Dehydration can really really get you. You’ll leave yourself feeling super tired, headachey and not in the right frame of mind to enjoy freshers as much as you want. If you have been drinking a fair amount of alcohol, then your body will feel way more dehydrated than normal, so increase your intake of water to give yourself the best chances of recovery.

Grab At Least 40 Winks

Getting enough sleep is super important for overall well being. If you’re out most nights having less sleep than normal can really start to take its toll. If you’re out on a late one, give yourself enough time for a bit of a lie in. Try and get your 8 hours in even if you have a busy schedule. Lack of sleep affects you both mentally and physically, and make it harder for you to concentrate on uni when you need to make a good impression in those first few weeks.

Feed Yourself A Banquet

When life's flying past, it can be easy to forget to grab lunch. But having a balanced diet is really important for keeping you as healthy as possible giving you the energy you need. Figuring out what to cook for yourself so you get all the nutrients your body needs? There are loads of recipes online, perfect for a student budget! Click here to read more on

how to save money on your food

. Like your momma probably said, eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein to keep your energy level high and to keep your body nourished. 

Watch Your Drink When You’re Out

This is more of a general tip about safety. Keep an eye on your drink when you’re out, especially in freshers where the clubs will be really busy. There are nasty people out there looking to spike your drink and take advantage. Keep your hand over your drink so nobody can put something in it when you aren’t looking. And don’t take drinks off people you don’t know. This isn’t to scare you, but it’s a handy thing to remember so you can make sure that you stay safe and healthy on your nights out.

Take A Break From Studies & Social Life

Freshers week is always incredibly full on. Especially if it’s your first freshers week, you might feel the pressure to go on every single night out and get to every single event. You’re allowed to take a breather from things, and go at your own pace. If you need time to recharge, take some time for yourself. If things are getting overwhelming and there is too much going on, take a moment for a reset.

Exercise For Your Body & Your Mind

Exercising is not just good for your physical health but also your mental health. With all the drinking and going out, our bodies might not feel their best, so try and get in the habit of regular exercise. If you sign up for a sports society you’ll get your exercise in while having fun and meeting new people. If team sports isn’t for you, maybe consider

signing up at your local gym

, or even take yourself on a nice little walk. If you do feel a bit low, it can really lift your mood and give yourself a boost of energy.

Ask For Help When You Think You Might Need It

If you’re struggling with anything at all, try talking to a friend or family about it. It’s completely normal to feel homesick or overwhelmed when you first move to uni. If you feel like you aren’t handling it very well, look for some support from someone, whether that’s your family, friends, or your uni support services. Your mental health will always come first, so keeping on top of it will have you feeling strong for when the going gets tough!

More Advice on Surviving Freshers

During freshers week we can often become so busy socialising and settling in, that we forget to actually look after ourselves. Prioritise your health and well-being during this time. There are other ways for you to socialise at uni that don’t require you to drink and go out till all hours. Plus, if you prioritise your self-care in freshers, it will mean that you make it a conscious effort throughout your uni experience. Enjoy your freshers week and your first year at uni, but make sure that you do everything at your own pace and don’t over do it! Want to figure out everything else there is to know about surviving freshers, head on over to our

Student Advice

hub to learn more.

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