How To Make Money on Depop
How To Make Money on Depop
Make Money

Is your wardrobe bursting open with loads of old clothes you know you need to get rid of? Want to set up a business selling vintage clothes, or collectable items?

Setting up a Depop account might be the right thing for you! Depop is a way for many to make big money from

selling your old clothes

, or great for a platform to start your own clothing business. We put together a step by step guide on how to start a Depop account, how it all works, and some tips to help you make the most money from Depop.

How Much Can I Earn On Depop?

Depop is a hugely popular platform for people to find and sell clothing, footwear and gear of all kinds. Vintage, new, hand crafted, and everything in between. People can earn a huge amount of money with Depop.

The average Depop seller makes between

£100 to £1,000

every single month.

It really does depend on how much work you put in though. There are some stories of people making

in excess of £10,000 a month on Depop

! Read on to figure out the best ways to start making money on Depop.

How To Sell Clothes on Depop

Establish Your Depop Store Vibe

You’re going to want to pick an aesthetic and vibe for your store. It makes most sense to sell items that are true to your own style. You’ll enjoy sourcing these items, photographing them, and working with them. It’ll keep your interest, and you know how best to style them to make them look great.

It’s a good idea to go with a style that sets you apart from other businesses. Embrace who you are. Enjoy being unique! By building a brand aesthetic to your store, you give yourself a reputation for stocking a particular style, and a relationship with customers that people will come back to you for, time and time again.

Accurately Describe Your Clothes

Whenever selling anything online, you’ll want to write accurate descriptions. Making sure you describe your items fairly will reduce the number of questions you might receive, and importantly reduce the chances of returns. The last thing you want is to deal with the cost of returns, it’s infuriating. You want to make sure your buyer knows exactly what they’re getting, so there’s no harm in being thorough here.

  • Brand

    : Note the brand name of your clothing item, this is what people are interested in when searching for their next buy.

  • Sizing: 

    Note the sizing of the item. If the item feels different to the size on the label, mention it. Include measurements you’ve made.

  • Condition: 

    Be honest about the condition of the item. Whether it’s vintage or not, people want to know if there are any defects or not. 

  • Features

    : Any features that aren’t obvious in the photos? Mention it! The more info the better.

Take Really Good Photos

If you can, take the max number of photos allowed by Depop. More photos the better. When you do take photos, make sure they are good quality photos of the clothes or products that you are selling. You want to make sure that people can clearly see what you’re selling and what it looks like from different angles. Show what it looks like from the front and the back, show the brand label with any sizing information, and show any features the item might have. Make sure any pictures are good quality, in bright lighting so they don’t look grainy. The clearer the photo the better.

Be Realistic With Your Pricing 

When you are thinking about how to price your items, have a look at what others price similar items and see if anyone has posted similar items to you, and gage it from there. Don’t over price your items, but equally don’t under price your items. Maybe compare it to the price that you bought it for as well. You will also want to take into consideration the selling fees that Depop charges and the cost of postage. It is definitely worth incorporating these into your price as you want it to be worth your while and you want to make some form of a profit when you do this.

Don't Forget Depop Seller Fees

Keep in mind Depop’s selling fees when pricing your items. Depop charge a minimum of 10% Seller Fees. That might sound quite a lot, but it’s pretty fair when you compare it against Ebay, Etsy and other online marketplaces. Need more info on

Depop Seller Fees, click here


Be Open to Negotiations

Pricing your items a little higher than what you would accept for them, gives you some room to allow for negotiations. People love to haggle and get themselves a bargain, so keep yourself open to negotiations. Don’t push your initial prices too high, as it can put people off altogether. But a little higher than what you want, and you’ll get people interested to grab themselves a bargain, while you still get to receive what you intended.

Carefully Choose Your Hashtags

You need to use the right hashtags to target the right people by tailoring them to your product. Not sure which to use? Think about using the brand name as an idea, eg. #nike or #newbalance. Have a look at others on Depop and pick some similar relevant hashtags to use on your own listing.

Regularly List New Items For Sale

The more items you list online, the more likely people will see them. You’ll get the added benefit of giving trust signals to new customers, viewing your store as a legitimate store, with real intent to share quality goods. If your sales have slowed a bit, space new uploads over the course of a few weeks, rather than bulk uploading items. Regular uploads and activity will give the Depop algorithm positive signals to say you are an active member, and they will favour your listings over those from less active stores on the platform.

Maintain Good Customer Service

As with any online business, customer service is key to maintaining a positive opinion of your store. You’ll maintain strong reviews, and encourage more sales by being reactive and responsive. If someone sends you a message, respond quickly! Don’t leave people hanging.

Engage With Other Stores

Follow other sellers' stores. The more people you follow, the more people see your own page. Other people will start to follow you back, and you will start to get suggested to other accounts. Once you’ve followed a few of your favs, start liking their uploads. It makes sense to like things from stores similar to the aesthetic of your own, but you don’t have to stop there. If you see something you like, show a lil love! The more active you are on the platform, the more people notice your store, and the more customers you can acquire.

Share Your Depop Store On Your Social

If you are pursuing this as a business, share your page to your socials. You want to generate more awareness for your Depop store, and why not encourage people you know to be your first sales. If you’re looking to take this seriously and earn a solid income, consider setting up an Instagram or a TikTok for your Depop page. You want as many people as possible to come into contact with your page.

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