How To Make Friends At University
How To Make Friends At University

Going to university will always be a stressy time. It’s probably your first time in the ‘real world’ by yourself, and there are so many unknowns and ‘first time experiences’ on their way.

Especially if you’re moving to a completely different city and you don’t know anyone, it’s super normal to be worried about making friends at uni. Here are some to help you figure out how to make friends at uni!

Get Involved In Clubs & Societies

Joining a club or a society is a great way to make new mates. The societies and clubs are full of people with the same interests as you, which makes it that little bit easier to connect and build relationships with the people you’ll be around. There are hundreds of societies and clubs at uni, so you will definitely find one that fits your interests and vibe. You’ll be able to get involved in events and take part in activities that align with your interests. 

Attend Socials & Events

Similar to getting involved with societies or clubs, attending socials is one of the best ways to make friends and you can have a great time whilst doing it (a lot of the socials are themed, so it’s never just your average night out). Social events are usually organised by clubs, societies or student unions and the whole purpose of them is to bring people together and get you meeting new people. So, it is definitely worth attending some of the socials!

We also recommend attending events that don’t necessarily have anything to do with your university. We’re big fans of breaking that ‘uni bubble’ and seeing what the city you now live in has to offer. Check out Skiddle, Fatsoma & Eventbrite to get to know what’s on near you! By going to random things that interest you, you will expand your social circle and meet people that you might not necessarily meet throughout your time at uni.

Attend Welcome Lectures & Meet-And-Greet Sessions

These usually happen during freshers week, so these welcome lectures are both a great way for you to get to know your university campus, and to obvs meet the people that will be on your course. It’s a great way to meet and connect with new people. By going to these, you can learn more about your course and department, and also bond with others who are just starting uni with you.

Join A Sports Team

Joining a sports team at uni is the perfect way to make friends and expand your social circle away from your course. Being part of a team generates a sense of community and gives you loads of opportunities to bond with your teammates. Whether you’re a top athlete, or have just started out, don’t worry about it. It’s all about having fun at the end of the day. You’ll not just meet new people, but you’ll also keep fit and healthy. Not bad eh. It’s also helps you meet people from a wider circle, outside your uni, as you play against other teams from loads of different places. 

Become A Volunteer

Give it a go, do a nice thing! Volunteering will have you working with groups of people who have the same interests as you and have a passion for making a difference. This can also help you to develop new skills, gain solid work experience and expand your network for the future. Again, this helps you break out of your uni’s bubble and has you interacting with more people who share similar interests. You’ll also have the chance to meet people of all ages and backgrounds, which can really broaden your horizons. It can also be a proper laugh, and it’s a great way for you to make a positive impact!

Attend Your Lectures & Seminars

Attending your lectures and seminars throughout the year will put you in front of new people as much as poss. Participating in group discussions and group projects helps encourage building relationships with people. Attending your lectures and seminars connects you with people of the same academic interest and academic goals, helping you expand your network for further down the line.

Sit Next To Someone New & Introduce Yourself 

With so many people on your course, the first few weeks of uni is prime time for you to make new friends. You might have built connections already, but sit next to someone new in one of your lectures and introduce yourself. It’s a pretty average way of making friends. Just talking to as many people as possible is a great way to make new mates, as you never know who you might meet. Especially in the first week, it’s always nice to have a friendly face on your course. 

Host A Party

Now, this one, you might want to be a lil careful with. Imagine inviting a couple of people over and suddenly you’ve got half the uni round and your uni kitchen is exploding. Maybe you should consider hosting pre-drinks one night. Chances are your friends will bring some of their other friends, a chance for you to widen your friendship circle. By you hosting a party, you will be more likely to get invites to other people’s parties, which will really help you to broaden your social network.

Get Yourself A Job

Getting a job is a great way to make new friends from completely different social circles. When you

start a new job

, keep a friendly face and make the effort to get friendly with the people you work with, and it’s often easier to make friends with people you work with as there is a sense of community when you’re working. Getting a job doesn’t just help you make friends and expand your network, but it also helps you to build confidence, learn new skills and gain valuable experience that you can take with you. So, getting a job is a great way to make new friends and develop professionally.

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Whether you’re a bit shy, or you’re a full on extrovert, there are so many different ways that you can make friends at university and expand your social circle. Just put yourself out there and be yourself. Making friends takes a bit of work, but you’ll meet some of your life long friends at university! Want to figure out everything else there is to know about surviving freshers, head on over to our

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hub to learn more.

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