Freshers Week Survival Guide
Freshers Week Survival Guide

You’re in! You got your results, confirmed your place, and you finally made it to University! If there’s one thing everyone can’t stop talking about, it’s probably Freshers Week! But what’s it all mean? Moving away from home for the first time and meeting new people can all be a bit daunting.

Don’t worry. Our

Freshers Week Survival Guide

has all the info you need to get you through. What is it, what’s involved, and how can you survive your first week at Uni!

What Is Freshers Week?

Typically your first week at University is called Freshers Week. It’s actually, more often than not longer a week, which makes it an ideal chance to meet new people, get to know your new home and Uni, try new things, and set yourself up to make the most of your time at university. It’s basically the time when you move in, followed by a week or two of fun and enjoying your new freedom before your course starts.

When Is Freshers Week?

Freshers starts before the academic year gets going mid to late September. If you’re not quite sure when that is at your Uni, check the Uni’s Students Union website or social media pages to get the best idea of when the fun begins. You can look forward to the idea that when you’re set to move into your new halls, all the freshers’ week fun will follow soon after.

How Long Does Freshers Week Last?

Freshers week is often thought of as just a single week of inductions to give you a feel of your new uni life. But for many, it freshers starts as soon as you can move in to your halls of residence or student house. There will be freshers partys and events for a few weeks before your studies really start, so get down asap and get yourself involved!

Who Is Freshers Week For?

Everyone things Freshers Week is just for 1st year Uni students. But the great news is, it's not actually just for first years. It's an induction week or two to get your student life for the new academic off to a good start. Any student can join in the freshers week activities, no matter which year of study they are in.

When Do I Move In?

Try and move in to your new student accommodation as early as you can. The start of term is always a busy one, and you’ll regret unpacking your life with everything else going on. So it’s a good idea to get yourself in and unpacked early, to make your new home as comfortable as possible from the start.

Moving in as soon as you can will give you an easy time meeting new flatmates and making friends you’ll never forget. When unpacking leave your door open, and start a conversation with anyone you can. Everyone’s in the same situation. They’ll be happy to see a friendly face they can join forces with during Freshers Week.

You’ll also give yourself a good chance to check out your surroundings and get a feel for everything. Check out your halls, the laundry room, reception, the bar! Figure out where you’ll do your shopping, which route you’ll take to lectures. A chance to find your feet in your new life as a student!

What To Expect During Freshers Week?

There are loads of events going on during freshers & beyond so make the most of it. There are events running at all Uni’s in both the day and night which are designed to help you to make friends and have a good time whatever your interests are.

Your uni will make sure you get all the info you need about what can be done during freshers week before you arrive, both on and off-campus, but check out their websites if not. If you’re still clueless about what’s going on, Facebook groups and Whatsapp chats will save your life. There will be one for your halls, your new course, events, and freshers' pages will all keep you up to date with everything that's going on and you'll never feel out of the loop.

Freshers week is the one time where you’ll have next to no responsibilities before you start your degree, so it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy yourself and make the most of it! There will always be loads of club nights and events. Think zoo themed parties, fancy dress clubbing, paint parties and too many

drinking games

to count. Get yourself a freshers' pass if you plan on going to a few events. This is usually cheaper than paying for entry to everything individually.

In the daytime, get yourself down to the Freshers Fair held on your campus. This is where all the societies and groups have stands where you can check out what they’re about and a chance to sign up. They’re also packed with freebies, think bottle openers, posters, tote bags, coffee and enough free pens to last you a lifetime. 

Join a society, they’re a great place to meet people with similar interests to yours. You buy a membership, but they’re usually super cheap, and that money is used to fund the society and its events. There is something for everyone: sports teams, movie clubs, food clubs, or silly things.

Freshers Week Nights Out

How much should I go out? Freshers week is all about experiencing freedom! Some people will want to go out every night, some people won't. So in short, go out however much you want to.

Which Uni has the best freshers week? People from every single Uni will probably tell you that they have the best freshers. Whether you’re a student in the city, our at a countryside Uni, it really doesn’t matter. You’re gonna have a great time, make some memories, and probably make some friends for life too!

There will be events every night, so if you're a slave to the sesh, then the world is your oyster. How much is too much? Don’t worry this isn't a lecture, you're about to have plenty of those. Just stay safe and all. Don't be that person that over does it in Freshers and everyone has to come home with and look after, not a good start.

How Much Money Do I Need For Freshers Week?

It’s landed! You’re loaded! Your first ever student loan installment just came in. Mental.

Now the sad thing is, this money needs to last the full term, not just the next week or so of freshers! If you are worried about overspending, work out how much money you have to spend every week and then try your best to stick to it. Get yourself a budgeting app, or grab yourself a Monzo or a Starling account, and get a hold of your money so you can keep track of your spending so you never run out of money.

Freshers week costs will be different for everyone, there’s no set number. So as long as you know how much you’ve got to spend, and you more or less stick to it, you should survive the week.

Don’t worry too much though, there are loads of ways to uni on the cheap. Get yourself a Freshers Week pass, to gain access to a week's worth of events on the cheap. If you’re going out a lot, pre-drink and house parties will always save your wallet. Every time you need to buy anything, check if there's a student discount, you might just be in luck!

Freshers Student Discounts

One of the best parts of being a Fresher is discovering all the student discounts you can now use! Whether it’s food, fashion, broadband, you can get yourself a student discount on almost anything! It's amazing how much better things taste when you’ve bagged them on the cheap.

If you’re good at forgetting things, we’ve made life easy for you.

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The Serious Side of Freshers Week

We know it’s boring, but sadly you can expect some sort of induction lecture to your course. A run down of what you're going to be getting up to, a chance to meet the lecturers, receive a reading list, and maybe get a little work to do before the year starts. Don't be that person who hasn't checked their timetable so didn't turn up. It's an ideal chance to meet your course mates and get  yourself off to a good start.

You should also take the time to open a

student bank account

, and register with your local doctor and dentist. To save yourself a nightmare, make sure your valuables are safe and get yourself some contents insurance to cover your belongings just in case the worse happens.

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