Freshers Week If You Don't Drink
Freshers Week If You Don't Drink

There is a massive vibe around Freshers Week that it has to be a massive drinking sesh where you’re gonna have to go out and party every single night. But if going out isn’t for you, or you don’t drink, don’t worry! There’s so much going on in the first few weeks at Uni that you won’t need to worry about missing out. 

The great thing about university is that you can make friends in so many different settings that it doesn’t matter if you aren’t into going out out. Not everyone at uni is a big drinker, so you can be sure you’ll find people on the same vibe as you. Through joining societies, getting a job and meeting people through your course, you’ll definitely find people on your wavelength.

So, what can you get up to if you don’t drink and are looking to make the most of it?

Tips To Get Through Freshers Without Drinking

Find Events In Your City That Aren’t All About Drinking

Check out what’s going in the events section at your student’s union. You might get the feeling they only share events that are alcohol orientated, but there are so many more events tailored to your tastes. Think they are missing out? Drop ‘em a message and let them know. The students union are there to support student needs, so they’ll be pretty receptive to your feedback!

Check out what’s going on in your local area to see what you can get involved in. Maybe you could take an art class, go pasta making, pottery painting or candle making! The possibilities are endless.

Get Involved With New Societies

Joining societies is a great way to fill some of your nights. Play for a sports team, or get involved with a society that interests you. You’ll have the choice of everything from a football society, photography society, all the way to a hummus society. The world is your oyster!

It’s a perfect way for you to meet new people and build friendships with those who have similar interests to you. It’s a great way to be sociable and build your circle without having to go out and drink a tonne of alcohol. Lots of sports societies do obviously have their social nights out, but that doesn’t mean you have to go. It’s totally cool to sit out on these big nights out, and just get involved with the sports itself. Lil secret: some unis even have a ‘sober society’ that are pretty well versed in organising non-drinking events for you. 

Party On, Without The Booze

You might not be that into clubbing, but you can always suggest heading down the pub, maybe on quiz night! It’s a much more chilled time, letting your friends who want to drink enjoy themselves, and those that don’t won’t feel as much pressure. Likewise, if you fancy a dance, don’t necessarily rule out clubbing. It’s not unusual to see people doing the same as you, getting a dance on and simply staying off the drink. It’s always a fun time, and a brilliant chance to people watch. You definitely don’t need a drink to enjoy a dance with your friends. 

Don’t Stress Too Much

Honestly, not being a big drinker, or not drinking shouldn’t make you feel uneasy. People won’t be offended by you not drinking, it won’t make any difference to their night if you’re not drinking. Try not to overthink it, as it might make you feel more reserved in your social life if you do. Nobody will think any differently about you, drink or no drink. It’s not something you should ever feel pressured to do, or even explain yourself for not drinking; whether it’s personal, religious, whatever it may be, it doesn’t have to be anyone else’s business. 

Things To Do That Don’t Involve Drinking

Get Down To Your Freshers Fair

Freshers fair is a big event that happens in the first week or so of uni where you can see all the different clubs, societies, and services available on your campus. It’s a perfect way to meet new people, find new interests, and get involved in uni life. Don’t miss it, it’s gonna be awesome! It’s basically a gold mine of free things that you can get your hands on, and it will let you get a bit more familiar with your university campus! Want more info about what’s involved at your freshers fair?

Click here to learn the ins and outs of the day


Go To A Games Night 

Going to a games night, or hosting a games night, is a super fun alternative to going out on the boozer. Hosting a games night, or going to a games cafe is so much fun. It’s something a bit different to just going for a chat in a cafe.

Plan Cinema Trips

If you aren't one for a night out in the town, you could get your friends together and go to the cinema. Again, just an activity that you can do that doesn’t involve you staying out really late or going to a club. 

Visit Local Museums

Make the most of the museums in your Uni city. Going to a museum makes for a fun day out, and again, it’s something that’s a bit different to do, so you’re not getting bored doing the same thing all the time. 

Go Pottery Painting

Rather than go to the club, go paint some mugs. This is a great way to relax and destress. Pottery painting is incredibly therapeutic! You might find that this is a new hobby for you as well! 

Get Your Go-Kart On

If you’re an F1 fan, why not live out your racer fantasies, take your friends and go go-karting. This makes for a great day out! Obviously it can be a bit expensive to do, but it’s worth considering if you want to do something fun for a special occasion, like a friend’s birthday, then it is definitely worth checking out go karting. 

Go On A Hike or Go To The Beach

The great outdoors makes everyone feel better! Head out on a hike! It’s the perfect way to destress and unwind. Getting back to nature, especially if you live in a busy city, is massively underrated. Get on down to the beach & take a picnic! The sun will make you feel great.


Move over Tiger Woods. We need to show off what we’re made of. Mini golf is always a good laugh, it’s proper fun and you can have a blast, regardless of whether you’re on the sauce or not. There are all sorts of courses, indoors or out, and make for great instagram pictures. Mini-golf is actually the chillest atmosphere, unless your ultra competitive side comes out!

Water Sports

Near the coast? Why not try paddleboarding, kayaking or even surfing. Get out in nature, give yourself a proper full body workout, and get you feeling alive again! Don’t worry if you’re not the most outdoorsy and adventurous person, there are classes for people of all levels. Plus, you get to meet new people with the same interests as you, so really, it’s a win win.

Take a Dog For A Walk

If you’re a dog lover, why not sign up to walk some dogs in your spare time. It’s such a cute, wholesome couple of hours. And hey, did we mention you can make some cash while you’re doin it? Not bad eh! Click here to

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Go to a Comedy Club

Going to a Comedy Club is a banger idea for uni students who don’t drink, but need a laugh. It’s a great way to let loose with your friends, without the need to have any alcohol. A comedian’s job is to make you laugh at the end of the day. It’s such a chilled atmosphere, so you kick back and chill with your mates. So, if you’re looking for a laugh without the booze, then a comedy club is definitely worth checking out. 

More Advice on Surviving Freshers

So, there are some ideas on what you can do instead of going out clubbing! Honestly, not drinking at uni is nothing to worry about, there are so many other things that you can do and get involved with that doesn’t require you to have a drink at all! Want to figure out everything else there is to know about surviving freshers, head on over to our

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hub to learn more.

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