Free Postcode Lottery with Pick My Postcode
Free Postcode Lottery with Pick My Postcode
Make Money

Pick My Postcode, or the Free Postcode Lottery as some people know it as, is an online lottery website that runs totally free prize draws every single day! Prizes worth £800+ are given to a random UK postcode every day. It’s totally free, totally legit, and having given away over £1.5million to date, you’d be crazy not to try and get a slice!

How Do I Enter?

The good news is, it couldn’t be easier to enter into the free daily lotteries at Pick My Postcode. Simply register your email & postcode (over-18s only) with them for a chance to win free money and prizes, every single day!

How Does It Work & How Much Can You Win?

Every day you’ll receive a reminder to check the site, where you’ll be able to see if your postcode has been chosen a winner!

A registered postcode is chosen at random every day at midday, to win the main jackpot of £200! Now if free lottery money wasn’t impressive enough, if the prize is unclaimed within the next 24 hours, the prize keeps getting rolled over onto the next day’s jackpot. We have heard stories of some people winning prizes of £2,500! If there is more than one person in your postcode making a claim on the winnings, Pick My Postcode will do the fair thing and split the winnings between you all.

But if the main prize draw wasn’t enough, there are 9 prize draws, games and lotteries to play each day. We like the Video Draw, where you watch a short ad or video, and can win £100! And again, if these prizes are unclaimed, you might be in line for the next big jackpot win in the following days!

It’s definitely worth checking if you’ve won. Literally, for a few seconds of your time, you could win £1000’s!

How To Claim Your My Winnings?

When you next log into your Pick My Postcode account, you will see a ‘Collect’ button appear by your registered postcode. Simply press the button, and have your free lottery winnings paid into your PayPal account to spend or then draw out, or have it turned into e-vouchers to spend on Amazon.

Is The Free Postcode Lottery Legit?

We know, it sounds too good to be true, but Pick My Postcode’s Free Postcode Lottery is 100% legit! With positive reviews by Martin Lewis’s team at


and over 4,000 people awarding them 5 star reviews on


, we can excitedly say yes. It’s definitely one of our favourite free UK lotteries to play. Pick My Postcode is legit, and you can win free cash! 

Will You Get Spammed?

Pick My Postcode can send you daily reminders via email, to check if you’ve won and other updates on prize draws. But you have to opt in for this, and if you do, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Pick My Postcode will never unlawfully release or sell your details to a third party, so rest assured that your details are kept safe and private. Pick My Postcode also checks and verifies all links to other external websites, but whenever entering personal details anywhere on the internet, always think twice and read the T&Cs to make sure you’ll be okay.

How Can They Afford To Offer A Free Lottery?

If you’re wondering how Pick My Postcode can afford to give away money every day, don’t worry it’s all above board. The prize draws are funded by advertisements, which appear across the site as you browse around. Various ads, links and surveys that you see, make enough money for Pick My Postcode to release the free prize draws every day to its users.

Our Thoughts

I mean, there really isn't anything to lose. For a quick few seconds, logging in and checking every day, you could be winning £100’s! And why wouldn’t you, it’s free!

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