Free or Cheap Things To Do for Students
Free or Cheap Things To Do for Students
Save Money

Uni life is great. But the money is not. You love clubbing, or shopping, or anything that burns through your student loan quicker than you can imagine. And now you’re having to live life on a budget. That doesn’t have to be boring though. 

So if you’re stuck for figuring out what to do with your free time, and you don’t want to spend too much money, read on for a list of fun cheap or free things to do with your friends at uni.

Cheap Days Out on a Student Budget

Go for a Picnic

Nothing beats M&S picky bits, especially when the weather' i's nice. Pack up a nice picnic and head down to one of your fav spots with your friends. A wholesome activity that you can do whenever the suns shining, soak in some Vit D, and have a laugh with your mates. And don't be a tool, pack up your rubbish, and take it with you when you leave. Nobody likes a litter bug.

Head out on a Bike Ride

Going for a bike ride in a nice park, city or out on countryside roads is ideal for those of you wanting to get a burst of endorphins the sustainable way. In some cities, you can rent out city bikes, give it a go and discover parts of the city you never knew existed.

Beach Trips

Everyone loves a trip to the beach when it's toasty outside. Head on down to the supermarket, grab a few snacks, a couple of drinks, and spend the day relaxing by the sea. Relax, dip your feet in the sand, and watch the world go by.

Stretch Your Legs On A Hike

For those looking for a good chance to get stuck into the outdoors, and want to get a little walk on the wilder side of things, head out on a hike. Finish off the day with a pub meal or a pint, trust us, it's the most rewarding feeling after a day in the hills.

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

Wander round your a museum or art gallery. There are plenty of art galleries and exhibitions that are free for you to visit, so it is definitely worth checking out your local art galleries for any events they might have on. At the most they'll only ever ask for an optional donation rather than an entrance fee, so you can get stuck into some culture and history without spending too much.

Play Board Games With Your Flatmates

Host a board game night for you and your friends and play all of your favourite classics. Monopoly, Guess Who, or yknow Ring of Fire. Because board games don't always have to be slow paced. Have a look around your local town or city and visit a board game cafe or pub. Get cosy, have a few drinks, and enjoy. Who doesn’t love a good ole board game?

Get Your Ice Skates On

It's nearly Christmas and there's an ice rink is set up near you. Yes, get on down! Strap on those skates, and give it a go. But might be worth leaving the mulled wine until after a blast round the ice. We've got the creeps from nightmare ice skating accidents. Even if you've never done it before, it always makes for a good laugh that everyone can enjoy. 

Get Passionate About Mini Golf

Another classic. Whether you fancy a game in the day, or at night, you'll find a mini gold experience near you. Some want to get outside, and go all in on the golf. In it to win it, and wipe the floor with your mates. Others fancy a few drinks at the same time. There's something for everyone out there. Either way, you're gonna get competitive, so take a deep breathe, compose your self, and go for gold.

Watersports Days

Surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, or rowing. Push the boat out and try something different. Head on down to your local marine lake, canal, or water sports center. It'll be one to remember.

Fill Yourself Up at a Food Market

Why not take a trip to your local food market. Support local businesses and find some fresh produce to take home with you. Veg, honey, bread. Whatever you fancy really, from farmers or home bakers alike. The quality will knock the socks off the supermarket so give it a go. If you're feeling hungry, there's nearly always a hot food stall where you can pick up something to eat there and then.

Raise Your Heartbeat at Go-Karting

Fancy a life as an F1 driver, but CBA with all the hard work it takes to get there? Head on down to your local go kart center. Yes, it's like 350mph slower, but you'll still get a buzz, might survive a crash if it all goes wrong, and be able to pop a bottle of bubbly at the end of the day as No 1 Champ of what used to be a supermarket car park. What's not to love?

Break Free From a Nightmare Escape Room

Put your detective skills to the test and get through the challenges of an escape room. You'll be transported into movie like scenarios in which you'll be required to solve puzzles and complete physical challenges to escape. You might get a little emotional as you see time running out, that's okay. Throw one of your team mates in the way of danger if you have. Just make sure you get yourself out on time. 

Get Creative With A Pottery Making & Painting Day

If you remember having a love for painting back in school, why not give pottery painting a go. It's pretty therapeutic and you get a little keepsake of whatever you’ve painted. Fancy going all in? Try a day where you can actually make the pottery itself! Start to finish, you can craft with your own hands, something special. Give it a go, you might even discover for yourself a new hobby!

Join a Sports Team

Playing any type of sports you enjoy is perfect to get yourself through the day. Football, hockey, basketball, cycling. Just because you want to fill your day with exercise doesn't mean you have to get through torture by yourself. Get your friends involved too, and join a sports tournament, even if it’s just for a laugh. You'll have a laugh, meet new people, and burn through the calories you might be putting back on in the pub after you finish. 

Squash Your Hunger With A Day Of Baking

Have a baking day. Go on. You're hungry for something tasty, and you have the afternoon off. Why not eh. Get your friends around if you fancy, and have a little bake-off. Can't be bothered making anything from scratch, consider just decorating cakes together. Throw a few prosecco's in and you got yourself a fun night in too. 

Cheap Nights on a Student Budget

Test Your IQ at a Pub Quiz

Find your local pub quiz, and test out your general knowledge. Pray for a round that fits what you love. Maybe realise you're not that intelligent after a few beers. It's a good way to enjoy a night at the pub without going wild on the town, and wild on your bank account.

Bring out your Inner Diva with Karaoke

Whether you can sing or not, karaoke is always a good laugh, especially if you're bringing your friends up on stage with you.

A Classy Night at the Theatre

If you have a love for the theatre, then you can plan a trip to see your favourite play. Some local theatres offer student discounts, so check up on their website before hand you never know what you might be able to save.

Vintage Video Games Arcades

Although this gives 1990s teen movie vibes, you can’t deny that going to the arcade isn’t fun. Again, it's something a bit different and makes a change from your average night out. Nowadays, you can get yourself to an arcade that'll sort you out with a few drinks too! Or if you want to go full old school British fun, get down to a seaside town, find yourself an ice cream on the front, and throw a few pennies into the slot machines.

Classy Home Cocktail Party

We have all seen those TikTok videos of people having cocktail nights with their friends. Pick a theme and make some cocktails around it! You can get really creative with the themes, from ‘describe your ex’ to ‘future jobs’ . This is a creative spin on your classic cocktail night.


If you fancy showing off your sporting prowess in the day or night, bowling might be for you. Head down to your local cinema to team up a film with a round of bowling. Or consider going to a games room with a few drinks, and launching a few strikes.

Games Night With Your Flatmates

Host a board game night for you and your friends where you can play all of your favourite classic board games. Or, you can visit a board game cafe, this is something a bit different to do, and who doesn’t love a good old board game? 

Watch The Sun Go Down

Go on, if you head on a walk, time it with the sunset. You'll feel super grounded. At one with nature. And most of all, get your insta popping off.

Find Yourself in a Spot of Stargazing

Even though this sounds like it would be something from a romance movie, give it a go. This is quite a cute one following on from your beach trip or summer hike.


is an incredible, free app, which tells you what you are looking at, and where to locate your favourite constellations. We're a big fan. Who knows, maybe take

your date

there, and wow her with your romantic knowledge of all things in the sky.

Cheap Nights Away on a Student Budget

Camping Trips

Head away on a mini road trip with your mates. Grab a bit of BBQ food and a few drinks, and you'll make for a hearty night away on the cheap. Trust us, you'll have a real good laugh, and you're bound to make some great memories. A super affordable alternative to going on a big holiday abroad.

Bus or Walking Tours

Landed in a new city on a mini staycation? Head out on an open top bus tour or even a walking tour. Get to know little facts about your city. It might not sound like the most exciting, but it’s a good way to see the city. Haunted walking tours are a good laugh. Get a little spooked, and surprise your friends next time you end up down the back streets of where you live.

Coach Trips

Fancy something totally different? Relive the TV show and go on a Coach Trip. You can find unbelievable deals for weekends away, and everythings included so you'll know where you stand before you even travel out. Maybe make a vlog of your own and compete with the TV show? Would that be cool?

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