The Best Free Lottery Draws
The Best Free Lottery Draws
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I don’t know about you, but I’d be buying lottery tickets every day of my life if I could get them for free. Someone has to win, so why can’t it be you? A couple of quid to walk away with a cool £230,000,000 of the biggest jackpot ever received. Sign me up.

But if you need to save a few quid, and you still want the thrill of a win, we’ve got you covered. There’s loads of free lotteries to enter, online or through apps, so you can win some free cash money!

The Best Free Lotteries in the UK

We pulled out five of the best free lotteries for people here in the UK. Read on to discover the best free lotteries to play here in the UK, and how much money you can win for free.

Free Lottery – Up To £10,000 Daily Prize

The Free Lottery by has both daily and weekly draws. The Daily Draw has a top prize worth £500, and is drawn at 7.30pm. The Weekly Draw has a top prize worth £10,000, and is held every Monday at 2pm.

Wondering how you can enter the Free Lottery? It’s super easy! Create yourself an account, and for every draw you need to pick 6 numbers between 1 and 75. If they match, you win!

To collect your prize, get in touch with the Free Lottery within two working days to claim your winnings! If the prize isn’t claimed, it’ll roll over onto the next day!

Pick My Postcode – £800+ Daily Prize

Pick My Postcode, or the Free Postcode Lottery, is an online lottery website that runs free prize draws every single day! Prizes worth £800+ are given to a random UK postcode every day, as well as 8 other kinds of prize draws and lottery games to enter!

The website gives away a minimum of £200 every day in the main draw, and if nobody claims the prize within 24 hours, the money gets rolled over onto the next day’s winnings! All you have to do is log in every day and check if you’re a winner! Couldn’t be easier!

It’s totally free, totally legit, and with resoundingly positive reviews, plus having given away over £1.5million to date, you’d be crazy not to try and get a slice!

Free Birthdate Lottery – £10 Daily Prize

The Free Birthdate Lottery works a bit like the postcode lotteries, and randomly chooses somebody’s birthday in the Daily Draw, to give a lucky member the £10 jackpot!

The fastest ever win at the Free Birthday Lottery was 5 hours after signing up! And considering this lottery has given away more than £8,000 given away since launch, we want in on the fun!

Similar to other free lotteries again, you’re automatically entered into the daily draw, but make sure you check in every day to see if you have won! If you miss the opportunity to claim, you’ll lose your winnings.

Free National Lotto – Up To £2,000 Daily Prize

The Free National Lotto couldn’t be easier! Pick 5 numbers between 1 and 40 and you’re in! Choose carefully as these numbers are then going to be used for every draw.

There is a five ball draw that runs twice a week, with a whopping great prize pot on offer for £2,000, and then there are daily draws, with prize pots between £5 to £10.

You need to make sure you visit the website and claim your prize, as like many other lotteries, unclaimed winnings will get rolled over into the next draw.

Also keep an eye out for the Daily Survey Draw, where you complete a survey to hopefully receive some winnings numbers for a free £5!

Freemoji – £200+ Prize

Freemoji is kind of similar to what you’re used to, but also kind of not. Instead of numbers, you get to choose 5 emojis, which are entered into the Daily Draw. If they match the emojis chosen in the 7pm draw, you could win up to free £200!

Only emojis which people actually choose are entered into the competition. This means there’s a winner, every single day! All you gotta do is log in daily to make sure you don’t miss your winnings, otherwise you’ll lose them, and they’ll be rolled over to the next day. Shame on you if you miss it. But for those that don’t, keep your fingers crossed things roll over many times, and grab yourself a mega jackpot!

I know, it still surprises me this is even a thing. But Freemoji promises there’s no catch, no spam, and with nearly quarter of a million people signed up, you can trust in them for a reliable, fun way to win free money!

Free Lucky Dip – National Lottery

Okay, so this one isn’t entirely free, but for those of you that can’t resist entering into the UK lottery, get yourself a Lotto ticket. You pick your numbers, like any normal lottery, and wait for the draw days.

What we’re interested in though, is that if you match 2 numbers, you get a Free Lucky Dip ticket on the next draw! A completely free chance at winning all over again! Your Free Lucky Dip numbers are selected at random, but you didn’t win the big bucks when you selected your own numbers, so maybe leave this one up to fate and keep your fingers crossed.

Draw days are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so make sure you check if you’re won anything! We’ve heard stories of someone bagging a cool £20,000 from a Free Lucky Dip ticket!

How Do Free Lotteries Work?

If you’re wondering how free lotteries work, and how they can afford to give away free money every day, it’s actually quite a clever idea, and don’t worry it’s all above board. Prize draws are funded by advertisements, which appear across their websites as you browse around. Various ads, links and surveys that you see, make enough money for free lottery companies to release the free prize draws every day to their users.

It kind of makes sense that they require you to visit the website every day, and see if you have won the daily prize draw. Free Lottery sites need to have people viewing their adverts, in order to keep earning money. The same money that they are giving away!

Are Free Lotteries Legit?

There are so many different

things that seem more likely

to get eaten by sharks, or land on the moon, than winning the lottery. We are always as careful as we can be, to be sure we only sharing free lottery platforms that have been vetted as safe and legitimate.

Having said that, we’ve always got to watch out for scammers and malicious intent websites! Before ever sharing any personal or financial details on the internet, we always highly recommend you to do your research on the company, and have a look for any negative articles or bad reviews that warn you to be careful. Having second thoughts though? It really is better to be safe than sorry here. It’s not worth the risk.

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