Free & Cheap Photos & Print Deals
Free & Cheap Photos & Print Deals
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There is no better way to decorate your university halls than with cute photos of all the memories you’ve made at uni. If you’re into scrapbooking, making a memories book, or fancy printing some of those memories to put on your wall, we found the best places for you to find free or cheap printing.

Where To Print Your Photos For Free

There are many different ways you can get yourself some free photo prints. Some companies will even give you up to

600 Free Prints a Year

! Bare in mind, that although the prints themselves are totally free, you will have to pay for postage. But that’s okay though, because the printing companies we have pulled out keep their postage options super cheap.

Free Prints

Free Prints App allows users to get up to 45 free prints each month, with a max of 500 prints per year. The app is a perfect way to print off any of your photos straight from your camera roll, social media, google photos, etc. Your free prints will be sized 6 x 4 inches, in either a glossy or matte finish. The app is free to sign up and use, all you have to pay for is your postage.

If you think you’ll max out your free prints allowance, Free Prints often run promotional offers through the app, so keep an eye on what offers are on there. You can get yourself an Extra 17 prints per month. A Refer a Friend scheme is set up, so all you have to do is share the Free Prints App on Twitter, or get a friend to sign up and use the service.

There’s a couple of things to bear in mind when using the Free Prints service. You aren’t allowed to print two of the same photo. It’s also the case that if you don’t use up your print allowance for that month, then they aren’t rolled over into the next month.

Free Prints


Quick Facts

Prints Allowance

: 45 Free Prints Every Month

Postage Cost: 

£1.49 Standard or £3.99 1st Class

Photobox App

The online photo printing service Photobox runs an offer to anyone who downloads the Photobox App. With the app you can claim 50 free prints every month.

As standard in the free prints world, your photos will be printed at a 6 x 4 inch size. All you have to do is enter the Code 


 at checkout to receive your free prints. 

The great news is, for all you students out there looking for something a little more than your free prints, Photobox offer a 10% Student Discount! Maybe you fancy getting a mug with your face printed on it, why not eh. A custom phone case or a cute keyring. They have loads of different items to choose from, so you can save an extra few pennies if you’re buying a personalised gift for someone.

Photobox Quick Facts

Prints Allowance

: 50 Free Prints Every Month

Postage Costs: 



Another top player in the free prints world is Snapfish. With Snapfish you can get everything from photo books, custom printed cases, and ofcourse, your freebie printed memories.

Simply download the Snapfish app to get your free prints, and enjoy an allowance of 50 prints per month for the first year. Your prints will be 6” x 4” inches, and as always use your free print allowance or you’ll lose it, with no rollovers into the next month.

Snapfish Quick Facts

Prints Allowance

: 50 Free Prints Every Month

Postage Costs: 

£1.49 Standard or £3.79 1st Class

Free Fotos

For those of you looking to place a bulk order of printed photos, Free Fotos might be the one for you. While not necessarily free, it does still deserve an honourable mention. With every purchase, you’ll receive 15 free prints with your order. What’s more, luckily there is no minimum order value, and you can redeem this as many times as you want. 

Where To Print Your Photos - Cheap Deals

So you used up your free prints allowance and you just need more! Maybe you’re in a rush and can’t wait for them to be mailed out to you. Luckily there’s plenty of other options you can use, online or in store. Read on to find out more about our top favs.

Boots Photo

A classic when it comes to getting your photos developed. You can order online, and have them ready for you in store within 30 mins. Or if you can’t be bothered with the faff, head straight to the store and have them printed out in minutes.

You can have your memories printed in all sorts of different sizes and styles, or even have them framed for you. Boots are always running offers on their printing services, at times we have seen deals as much as 50% off on printing.

Click Here For The Latest Offers


Boots Photo Printing


: From £0.10 per Print

Tesco Photo

Tesco’s up and down the country have photo printing booths in their store, making it super convenient to get your photos onto paper. You can also order online and have them ready in store within 20 mins. Have them printed in all sorts of different sizes and styles, and enjoy!

Tesco Photo Printing


: From £0.07 per Print

Where To Get Your Film Developed

If you’ve taken up a recent hobby of taking photos on film or using a disposable camera, then you probably want to know where is best to get your film developed.

Getting film developed is always going to be a bit more pricey than just printing pictures off from your phone. The price of getting your film developed will depend on how many pictures your film holds, and how you would like them developed, straight onto CD or printed out, and what size. It’ll also depend on the type and size of film, and also if it’s a single-use disposable camera.

But you decided to start using a film camera for the vintage vibes or a love for the medium. So we pulled out the best, most easily accessible, and most affordable places for you to get your films developed.

Snappy Snaps / Timpson / Max Photo

You might have seen Timpsons, Snappy Snaps, or Max Photo around. These are some of the few places left on the high street where you can actually get films and disposable film cameras developed.

These three are actually all owned by the same company, and so their prices remain fairly similar across them all. To keep things convenient, we recommend having a look at them all to find the nearest one to you.

Boots Photo

Boots again is a brilliantly affordable place to get your film or disposable camera developed. All you have to do is take yours down to your nearest Boots Photo store, and they’ll look after the rest.

Boots offer a super speedy development service, only taking 9 days, compared to other places that can take 2-3 weeks. Prices start from £3.99 for film development and putting your images on CD, or if you’re looking for prints prices start from £11.99 for 27 images printed at a size of 6” x 4” inches.

Extra Tips When Printing Your Photos

So now you know where to find cheap deals and free sites to print your photos. But there are a few quick things to remember before you sign up and order your prints.

Postage Costs

: To avoid this getting too costly, make sure you double check postage costs before you buy. Realistically, you don’t want to be spending a huge amount on getting your new prints sent out to you. Always compare the options given to you, as you might find a cheaper offer elsewhere.

Read Reviews

: If you’re looking for the highest quality prints, we recommend reading Trustpilot reviews before considering signing up. This will keep you happy with your choice, before you spend any money, even if you’re only paying for postage you want them to turn out great. 

Filtered Photos

: Be careful when ordering photos with filters on, this can distort the quality of your printed photos sometimes. We recommend leaving filters off, or if you just simply can’t, consider toning them down a bit before you print them out.

Sign Up To Various Apps: 

All the free photo companies are competing for your business, and run exclusive promotions within the apps for their customers. So consider downloading all of the above mentioned apps and make sure you’re signed up. An offer will be coming your way.

Other Ways to Save Money as a Student

We pulled out our Top Picks on where to find the cheapest and free ways to print your photos. If you're looking for other ways to save your hard earned cash, check out our

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