How To Find Cheap Flights
How To Find Cheap Flights

Had enough of life on home turf and need a cheap getaway? Last minute holiday ideas coming to mind? First place to save money is on your flight.

Finding cheap flights is an essential when you’re travelling on a student budget. Read on to learn some tips on how you can get cheaper flights so you can travel for less!

Travel Off-Peak For Discounted Flights

Travelling off peak is a great way to save money. Especially as a university student, you have a bit more freedom to travel on days that most people can’t (unless you have lectures), and since the summer holidays are so long, you can travel before all the schools break up for summer.

Book your flights for a Tuesday and Wednesday as prices tend to be cheaper for these days. Also, do not book to fly on a Friday, book them on a Sunday as you will find cheaper flights. Make sure you book your flights in advance as well, although you can sometimes score some amazing last minute deals, it is better to book flights in advance before they increase in price. Another tip, if you want to avoid the rushes on a Sunday, it's also worth checking how much you can save by travelling on either a Saturday or a Monday.

Compare & Book Flights In Advance

Make sure you book your flights in advance as well, although you can sometimes score some amazing last minute deals, it is better to book flights in advance before they increase in price. The most popular way people save money on flights is using flight comparison websites and apps. Our recommendations for the best tools to find cheap flights are: 

Budget Airline Flights

Flying with a

budget airline

is one of the easiest ways of saving money on your next trip abroad. It is true, you get what you pay for, but you pay a hell of a lot less for it, so we recommend giving it a go. Check out our

budget airline survival guide

to help you make the most of your next budget flight, and what to watch out for.

Cheap & Free Luggage Allowance

Make the most of flights where your luggage is included with your plane ticket. Lots of flights include some form of free carry-on luggage allowance, so you don’t have to pay any extra for this. If you’re travelling with an airline that does charge, make sure that it isn’t incredibly expensive.

If instead you choose to check in hold luggage, get this booked in advance as well. Make sure you don’t make the fatal mistake of going over the luggage allowance. Airlines can add pretty crazy fees to your travel if it’s added at the last minute at the airport. It’s a cost right before your holiday that nobody wants to deal with.

Visit Cheap Travel Destinations

If you don’t have anywhere in mind, but you’re in desperate need of a getaway (we’ve all been there), then have a look at which destinations are the cheapest. Sites like


are perfect for finding deals on listed by cheapest travel destinations and flash sales of the moment.

Find The Cheapest Airports To Fly From

When looking for flights, checking which airport is cheaper to depart from will help you save money. Obviously, this only really works if you live in a decent radius of a few airports, as you don’t want to make up the difference of the flight fare with transport to the airport.

Sign Up For Travel Company Mailing Lists

Although getting promo emails can be incredibly annoying, it is definitely worth signing up for them to see the latest deals from travel companies. They will often send through deals and let you know where you can travel to for cheap, so it makes it worth it having a few more emails in your inbox.

Check For Student Discounts on Flights

This is probably the first thing you did when looking into booking a holiday. Make sure to check if airlines offer student discount! Take a look at our

for the latest deals available today.

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