Unique, Quirky & Cute Date Ideas
Unique, Quirky & Cute Date Ideas
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You mastered the first big step, and succeeded with some 

pick up lines

. Maybe you’ve just found someone you really like on your course, and you’ve stumbled into organising a date. Or maybe your long term partner is wanting to be spontaneous and do something different than the classic Domino’s & a movie night.

Working out what to do is toughy. Here are some ideas that might spark some inspiration for your next date night. Whether this is your first date, 10th date, or 50th first date, there is something for you. 

First Date Ideas

If this is your first ever date, or you’ve been missing the mark trying to romance your dating app match, we pulled out the most popular first choices for a first date.

Drinks Date

Going for drinks is perfect for the nervous ones out there. The drinks will help to take the edge off the nerves, as you get the chance to get to know your date! Be creative and find some interesting and quirky bars or pubs in your area that offer something a bit different. Spoons for a first date is well and truly not the one. Sorry lads.

Coffee Date

If you want to get your heart racing (sorry, we had to) get down to your local coffee shop for a date. Find yourself somewhere with a cosy couch to chill out on, make it the least formal as you can. This is quite a wholesome date, and a great alternative if you don’t want to go out for drinks on your first date. Throw in a brownie for the hungry ones out there, but might be worth keeping your nibble to something easy to eat. Swerve anything like a messy one.

Head Out For Food

If you’re feeling hungry, grab a bite to eat and a few drinks. Some people might shy away from food on the first date, but it’s a chance to try something different and enjoy the meal out. Take your date to your favourite restaurant, or try something completely new. Ask what types of food your date is into, and try and wow them! It’s a chance to get creative! 

Date Ideas for Couples & Second Dates

If you’ve made it past the first date, trying to keep things fresh and exciting in your relationship, or just want to make sure you weren’t a one hit wonder after the first meet, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas to get comfortable and have a little fun with the one you like.

Ideas For Date Days

Firstly, Get Creative!

You could go pottery painting, pottery making, pasta making, painting, something creative that will be fun for you and your date. This is a good idea as it’s something a bit different and you can also show your date a hobby that you might be interested in.

Go To The Zoo

If you or your date are animal lovers, then the zoo is a cute date idea. Again , this is something a bit different rather than just going for drinks. It would make a great day trip. 

Slow Walks Round An Art Gallery

If you love art, or your date is quite the art fan, then a trip to an art gallery makes a great date. Especially if there is a certain exhibition on. 

Go Sailing

If you’re adventurous and want a bit of a different date idea, then sailing is a fun idea. Especially if you have a love for sailing and the water. It will definitely be a date to remember as not many people will take their date sailing. It’s always a good idea to show your date something that you’re interested in. Just remember to bring a wetsuit, and actually know how to sail.


Bowling is quite the staple, but be careful that you don’t get the ick whilst playing- this is probably a couple dates in type of vibe. With that being said, bowling is quite a fun game, and it can show how competitive your date is. 

Crazy Golf

Like bowling, this is another date staple. Grab a drink, a gold club, and bring your A-Game. It’s not a competition, but you’re never going to live it down if you fail miserably.

Have a Picnic in the Park

Going for a picnic is a lovely, wholesome date. Whether you go to the beach, to your local park or just somewhere scenic. 

Go On A 


If you like long walks, or your an outdoorsy kinda person, going on a hike is the date idea for you. Take your date on your favourite trail walk. Go on, surprise your date and pack a picnic as well. Fingers crossed the weather is nice and you find a bench or a nice look out to sit down and talk about how you should do this more often.

Try Kayaking

Like going on a hike or sailing, this is quite an adventurous date idea and perfect if you or your date are outdoorsy.

Ideas for Date Nights

Movie Night In

This is a perfect night in date idea. You can make this really cosy with blankets, pillows, fairy lights and snacks. You can put on your favourite movies, and this is a great insight into what films your date likes.

Laugh It Out at a Comedy Night

A comedy would be a fun and different date idea, and it takes the pressure off you a little bit to crack any jokes. Just don’t sit at the front of the comedy club unless you want to be at the end of the comedian’s jokes, but this will be a good test to see if your date can handle humour.

Live Music Jazz Night

If you’re a music lover, going on a date to see live music is a really good idea. Lots of pubs also host a jazz night which is always fun.

Pub Quiz

Everyone loves a classic pub quiz, so what else would make a perfect date? This is a cute date idea, you can go for.

More Advice on Student Life

Hopefully you're feeling inspired to get creative and make the most of your next date! If you’re looking at this but you haven’t quite yet sorted your game plan out to get the first date locked in, it might be worth giving one of the

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a go!

So, if you’re looking for love in uni, or even if you’re looking to find new friends, why not try out one of the dating apps listed above. Just remember to stay safe! We hope this has helped you! If you’re looking for more advice and information on how to make the most of your time at University, check out our

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