Cheap Gym Memberships For Students
Cheap Gym Memberships For Students
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Signing up to a gym is an ideal way of keeping healthy, getting your stress levels down, and maybe working off that friday night pizza you couldn’t say no to.

We found all the options you’ll ever need if you want to join a gym, save money on your student gym, or consider some other free exercise options.

The Best Gyms for Students

With so many options to choose from, wherever you are studying, finding the right gym for you is a tricky one. Most of us are looking the best that we can get, with a cheap membership. They vary wildly, with some having super modern equipment and others are looking a little drab round the edges. Some offer 24/7 access and others give free classes. This totally depends where you are in the country, and so it’s always worth checking out your options.

The Gym Group

The Gym is one of the most popular gyms in the country, especially for students. They have a 9 month student membership deal for £119, around £13.99 per month, a super affordable membership for any student that wants to get fit. You’re only ever at uni for about 9 months of the year anyway, so this fits in perfectly. With this membership, you’ll get access to two gyms of your choice, maybe one at uni and one for when you’re home!

If you fancy a flexible membership, sign up to their “Do It” membership, giving you access to one gym, at any time you like: all most all gyms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, perfect for night owls. You’ll also get free unlimited classes from £16.99 per month.

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PureGym is another of the country's most popular gyms, and with up to 30% off fixed term Gym Membership Discounts, it’s no wonder it’s also a hit with students up and down the country.

The good news is, contracts can start from £9.99 per month, and with over 320 PureGyms nationwide, you’ll have no trouble finding one not too far from your halls or campus. You’ll be hard pushed to find a cheaper, more accessible gym experience.

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JD Gyms

JD Gyms rank up there with the best affordable gym memberships, and so are another ideal choice for a student gym. Their prices are competitive, and often run no-joining-fee promos, perfect for those looking to try out a gym without the stress.

JD Gym’s are often super modern and get you in the right vibe for working out. Memberships start from around £19.99 and includes some Free Classes including HIT, Yoga, Spin Classes & plenty more!

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University Gyms

We couldn’t do a gym write up without shouting out your University Gym. They are always pretty competitively priced, and give you fairly flexible term time only gym memberships, understanding of your student status. You can sometimes grab yourself a membership for as little as £10 per month, check with your uni for more info.

We sadly put Uni Gym’s towards the bottom of our list for a few reasons. Yes they are super conveniently placed, and while you’re on campus, you’ll likely be able to get a quick workout in. But they’re often pretty over crowded because everyone has the same idea.

Council Owned Gyms

Your area might be in luck and have a council-owned gym. These get you amazing bang for your buck, with really cheap gym memberships available. Some reviews say that the standard in council gyms isn’t quite up there with the competition, but they often will offer student discounts, and are a great option for people looking for a basic gym to get a workout in.

Cheap or Free Alternatives to A Gym Membership

If you’re wanting to get fit and healthy, but aren’t the type to join a gym, there’s loads of other ways to keep fit. Whether you fancy a home workout, or getting out into your local park, save some money and get creative!


Running is amazing for those that want no limits or judgements. Run where you like, for as long as you like, fast, slow, who cares. It’s all within your reach. It’s brilliant for improving your health & immune systems, amazing for stress relief, and will help burn off your calories. Try the Couch To 5k app, people are raving about how it breaks down your running targets, and helps you reach your goals in easy bitesize chunks.


Cycling is another great one to take in your own pace, whatever speed you like, wherever you want to go. Cycling is great for your general health, and burns between 400 and 1,000 calories an hour!

Home Workouts

Youtube Workouts

: Youtube is the answer to everything. If you’re looking for a home workout of any kind, just have a search online. Watch a few and see what tickles for your fancy. Whether you’re after a home weight training workout, yoga, interval training, I promise you there is something for everyone.

HIIT Workouts

: High Intensity Interval Training is a pretty heavy hitting workout, no pun intended. You can burn a phenomenal amount of calories, get your heart rate pumping out your chest, and finish a workout in as little as 5 minutes! HIIT uses super short, sharp bursts of exercise, with intermittent short rest intervals, to give you a workout you’ll not forget in a hurry.

Yoga & Pilates

: Grab yourself a yoga mat and relax into a yoga session. Follow along with a Youtube video. There’s all sorts of different types of yoga, some are more relaxing and stretching, others are super core intense. Whatever you think about yoga, it’s not easy though. If you’re after something intense, maybe give pilates a go!

How To Pay Less for Your Student Gym Membership

Student Discount

Whenever you’re spending money at Uni, there’s always a chance of saving money with your Student Discount. It would be crazy not to. There are tons of gyms with student discounts, so when you’re looking to get a student gym membership, make sure to check if you can save. Even if they don’t advertise it, it’s worth asking the question. They are after your business, and they might be willing to haggle with you to get you in through the door.

Check Your Contract Length

Make sure you aren’t signing up to a 12 month membership if you know you’re only going to be at uni for 9 months of the year, and you go home at summer time.

Are you paying for premium memberships for things you don’t use? You might be able to save some money if you’re paying for things like access to a sauna, swimming pool, or classes which you never go to.

It’s also worth checking the cancellation terms and notice period, just in case you move home or change your course.

Go To The Gym Off Peak

Check if the gym you want to sign up to has off-peak memberships. At quieter times, gyms often offer cheaper rates. Off peak times are often between 9-5, so if you’ve got some spare time between lectures at uni where you can squeeze in a workout, you might save yourself some of your hard earned cash.

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