Best Hangover Cures
Best Hangover Cures
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We’ve all had those mornings after a heavy night out where we all know we are never touching another drop of alcohol again. Where we’ve sat in bed and really contemplated our life decisions. Deep breathes, hold it together.

So, we’ve done the research on help for a hangover and how to avoid one! Read on to figure out the best hangover cures and hangover preventions to help save you the pain!

Hangovers 101

Hangover Symptoms

Some of you reading this might be wondering how bad your hangover can get. What are you going to feel like? You’ll likely be experiencing some of these symptoms of a hangover:

  • Fatigue 

  • Weakness 

  • Headache 

  • Muscle aches 

  • Anxiety – better known as hangxiety 

  • Sweating  (increase in body temperature)

  • Stomach pain 

  • Nausea 

How Long Do Hangovers Last?

Wondering how long your hangover will last, how long will you be feeling on death's door? It’s always going to depend on how much you drink, and whether you’re one of the unlucky ones that badly suffer from hangovers. Some hangovers can last just the morning, you’re rough, dizzy and can’t be bothered with anything.

For the day after a heavy one, hangovers might last the whole day, and some heavy ones get you for 2 days. A 2 day hangover is torture, nobody wants it, especially when you’re pretending to concentrate in lectures. But you’ve only got yourself to blame, so we can’t give any pity to you. Make a vow to never drink again if you suffer from one of these. Then maybe probably break that vow when Friday comes round again.

How To Sober Up Faster

There isn’t really a fast track way to sober up, it all depends on how much you have drank the night before. If you’ve just woken up and are in a rush to make a lecture you can’t miss, but you’re hanging, then here are some tips to help you feel a bit better faster!

  • Eat 

    – eat something tasty to help you sober up quicker 

  • Take a shower

     – if you can hack it, make a cold shower for a boost of energy 

  • Drink a coffee

     – helps you feel more awake and alert, even though it might not sober you up, but sometimes it’s all about the small wins.

By drinking more water on your night out as well, this can help you sober up quicker- same with if you eat something in between drinking (have a quick Maccies break if you want to sober up a bit quicker).

How To Prevent A Hangover?

Now there’s no guarantee that you’ll figure out how to avoid a hangover, and it’ll always depend on the number of drinks you have the night before. But there are some things you can do to help you feel a bit better the day after a heavy night. Read on to figure out ways you can help get rid of a hangover, or even prevent one in the first place.

Line Your Stomach

Make sure you eat some food before you go out! Any food is good before you start drinking, so fill yourself up. Toast is always a winner, it fills you up, it’s cheap, and soaks up the alcohol! Lining your stomach before a night out is one of the best remedies for a hangover. Whatever you do, avoid drinking on an empty stomach. We doubt you need telling, but we’ve all been there, and it never ever ends well!

Drink Water Before Bed

Get into the habit of drinking water, when you get in from your night out. You will feel so much better in the morning if you do this. Having some water will not only help sober you up, but will help you with the morning headache. It’s also a miracle cure for a dry mouth! You’re welcome.

Eat at the End of the Night

At the end of the night, it’s gotta be done. McDonalds or cheesy chips is always a good idea!  Curb your hangover by eating at the end of the night. It helps soak up the alcohol in your system, how to stop you feeling sick after drinking, and you’ll thank yourself in the morning. Honestly, it’s a miracle cure, for those that haven’t tried, give it a whirl.

Don’t Mix Your Drinks

It is never a good idea to mix your drinks on a night out. Stick to one drink, your body will thank you for it the next day. This might also help you stop feeling as sick on your night out- you definitely do not want to be throwing up whilst you’re out!

Eat Something Heavy The Morning After

If you skipped the post night out Big Mac, don’t worry, you haven’t missed your opportunity. A Maccies breakfast is calling your name. Any form of takeaway food will be your hangover saviour. Greasy food is by far the best hangover food. And a secret myth is, the calories never count on a hangover. Right? That might not be fact.. It tastes 10x better, but probably don’t quote us on that..

Grab a Cold Shower

Grab a shower when you wake up on the morning after. We promise, get through the torture of lifting your head off the pillow and into the shower, it will make you feel so much better. It help’s you sweat out some of the alcohol and will help you wake up when you need it most.

Sleep It Off

Sleeping off your hangover is probably one of the best hangover cures. Make sure you get enough sleep after a night out, so you wake up feeling less groggy. Alcohol and nights out disrupt our sleep cycle, so that is why we can wake up still feeling exhausted after a heavy night out of drinking. So, you may as well take the whole day to sleep off your hangover if you feel unproductive after a night out.

Exercise The Pain Away

If you somehow muster the strength to get out of bed while you’re hungover, first off, wow. Second of all, go for a run, or head to the gym. Exercise helps you sweat out the alcohol. So, if you’re a dedicated gym rat, it will really help you cure your hangover. 

Drinks To Help Your Hangover

Here is a list of drinks that can help you survive your hangover

  • Berocca 

  • Orange Juice

  • Tea 

  • Coffee

  • Dioralyte Sachet – expect all the rehydration

Best Hangover Food

Everyone craves greasy, stodgy foods when we’re hungover. It’s natural, and you don’t, congratulations, think yourself one in a million. Anything with carbohydrates are good, as this can help soak up the alcohol. Maybe get yourself a full English breakfast the morning after. Here is a list of our best hangover foods

  • Pizza

  • Fruit 

  • Toast 

  • Bacon 

  • Eggs 

  • Hash browns

  • Any water rich foods 

More Advice on Student Life

So, next time you wake up, absolutely hanging, we hope these hangover cures/preventions come in useful. Just remember, drink responsibly and stay safe on your nights out! If you’re looking for more advice and information on how to make the most and survive your time at University, check out our

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