All About Freshers Fair
All About Freshers Fair

When you first move to Uni, your university will host a freshers fair for all the new students! Alright, but what is it, what happens, and should you bother going?

Freshers fair is a big event that happens in the first week or so of uni where you can see all the different clubs, societies, and services available on your campus.

It's a perfect way to meet new people, find new interests, and get involved in uni life. Don't miss it, it's gonna be awesome! It’s basically a gold mine of free things that you can get your hands on, and it will let you get a bit more familiar with your university campus!

What Is A University Freshers Fair?

The Freshers fair is put on by your university to showcase everything that your university has to offer. There will be loads of different things going on at your freshers fayre, and always something for you to get involved in. As a standard, you can usually expect a whole host of clubs and societies you can get introduced to and sign up for. You might also find brands, utility companies, and events organisers that your university partners with, to find an easy space to save yourself some money.

Your Freshers Fair is also a great opportunity to get as many freebies as you can carry. Whether it’s uni merch (everyone loves a classic uni tote bag), pens, notepads, or even a free slice of pizza. There is also a chance that you will receive loads of flyers with discounts on, so it is definitely worth heading down, just for the savings. 

What Date Is The Freshers Fair?

The majority of the time, your freshers fair will land during freshers week. This obviously depends on the uni you go to, and the dates will vary. But you can be safe to get stuck into things before your course starts.

For UK students, expect your freshers week to land towards the end of September. Scottish students will find their freshers week earlier in the month, due to early term start dates. The Freshers fair in the freshers week, and each uni will finalise these dates for you. 

Is Freshers Fair Only For 1st Year’s?

Good news for everyone, the fresher fair isn’t just for first years! We know, you can top yourself up on some more free pens! No but it is really useful for those looking to engage in more societies, or grab some more discounts.

Although the freshers fayre is aimed to help first year students settle in and see what their new uni has to offer, there’s nothing stopping all years from going. You might get to third year and decide you want to start rock climbing or water polo. Now’s your time!

Top Tips For Making The Most Of Freshers Fair

Talk To Everyone You Can

Like we said before, heading down to your uni freshers fair is a great opportunity to meet different people and get involved in all sorts of fun things! Especially when looking at the societies, do your best to get involved, find out more, and you might make some friends with people who have similar interests to you. It can feel really overwhelming and obviously talking to anyone new is daunting, but you just have to remember, everyone is in the same boat. 

Grab All The Handouts & Leaflets

Now this might seem like an absolute pain because no one wants a million leaflets that are just sat in the bottom of your bag. But with so much going on, you might be surprised to discover things you’re interested in, it’s hard to retain all that info. So, grab a load of leaflets as a reminder of the societies and deals to remind yourself what to sign up for, and where to do so.

Head Down Early Doors

The earlier you can get there, honestly the better. Freshers fayres can get mega busy, so avoid the mad rush. That way you can take your time, and actually consider properly what might interest you, rather than feel rushed, or feel like you're standing around in a queue waiting for ages.

More Advice on Surviving Freshers

Remember, starting university and moving away from home can be tough, but getting involved with your campus life and heading on down to your freshers fair sets you up for an easier time adapting to your new life at Uni! Want to figure out everything else there is to know about surviving freshers, head on over to our

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hub to learn more.

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