10 Things Every Fresher Should Know
10 Things Every Fresher Should Know
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Congrats! You got yourself into Uni! We promise you’ll have the best time. With so much going on during freshers week, it’s easy to miss things!

But it’s a time to chill out, get to know the vibe, your new city, your new friends, and enjoy! So make the most of it! We pulled out our top ten things every fresher needs to know, to help you get through the first few weeks of the year.

Don’t Forget To Enrol

First things first, make sure you’re actually enrolled at the uni! Every uni will have a different way to do this, but usually you’ll need to register your enrollment with the uni systems. Set aside some time in freshers week and get everything signed up and sorted out. Head down to the library with your new mates, or sit in a cafe on campus. It can get fiddly, but needs must eh. 

Get Involved In All The Fun

Getting involved is the best way to make new friends, discover new hobbies and interests. Make the most out of your first year of uni, it’s a bit more chill than later years. Signing up for societies and clubs that interest you is a great way to try something new and make new friends. It’s a pretty simple one. Go and enjoy yourself and get involved in as much as you can.

Get A Hold Of Your Budget

Student living is all about the shoestring budgets, so get a hold of the money you have, and give yourself some guidelines to see what money you’re playing around with! This isn’t a tip just for good practice during freshers week though, it’ll help you out throughout your whole time at un. Just try not to blow through all of your money in the first week of uni, trust us it’ll feel like a lifetime before your second student loan instalment lands.

Keep tabs on your bank balance. It’s easy to shy away from it, especially after a big night out we know. But, you should check so you can keep track of what you're spending. Sit down, have a look at all your outgoings, and work out how much you have left to spend. Need more help figuring out your budget? Check out our guide to

student budgeting

and stop your money from running away from you in your first few weeks of uni!

Think Ahead About Your Studies

Freshers is a time for you to relax, have fun and

get to know your uni city

before the chaos of lectures and deadlines actually starts. Having said that, it’s never too early to start thinking ahead. Keep on top of any upcoming deadlines, and get working through your reading list early. There’s no worse feeling than being overwhelmed when they all end at the same time, and the dates getting closer and closer. During the first week of uni, you might have to get through some prep before the term starts. Try to sort it then, and don’t get left behind before you’ve even started. You might even consider looking for work experience opportunities, starting before the rest of the year group will give you a head start in the mind of employers.

Organise 2nd Year Accommodation

Now we’re not saying this is a first week job. Give it a couple of months, and then figure out what your accommodation plans are. The best of the

student houses

available will get booked up pretty early in the year, so try not to leave it too long.

Go Wild With Your Student Discount

So many clothing brands, restaurants, makeup brands, and everything else give everyone at university student discount, so make sure that you always ask. This is the best way for you to save a bit of money at uni, and is one of the best perks about student life! Why wouldn’t you?! Use your student discount at any opportunity you get, you won’t have it after you finish uni, so make the most of it while you can! Have a look at all of the

Student Discounts available here!

It’s Okay to Feel Homesick

When you first move away from home, let’s be real, you’re gonna feel homesick at some point. It’s totally normal. Fresher week can be overwhelming, as you’re learning to juggle so many new things, so if you do feel like you miss home there’s nothing wrong at all. Everyone misses home and the routine when they first move away, but you will get used to it, so don’t worry! And, if you really do miss home that much, you can always pay them a surprise visit! Need some tips to help you figure out

how to deal with homesickness, click here!

Keep On Top Of Your Time

If going to uni teaches you one thing, it’s that time management is key, and you’re probably terrible at it! Or at least we were! You’ll learn how to juggle every aspect of your life, your uni deadlines, your job, and your social life! Sorting out some form of routine will save you. Make sure you’ve noted down each one of your deadlines, and major social events or holidays, so you can picture how your term time will look. It’ll save you a 3am library breakdown because you have something due in a matter of hours and you’ve only just started!

Self Care Is Super Important

When you go to uni, you can get really caught up in having a busy schedule and trying to juggle adult life. Save yourself the burn out and make sure you take time for yourself. Set aside a little reset and self-care day every week. Go to the gym, do your skincare routine, a face or hair mask, go on a walk, whatever you want to do that will make you feel a bit more relaxed. Eat well and drink plenty of water.

Read more self care and wellness tips here


It’s Okay to Ask For Help

If you are struggling with anything, no matter how minor or major, make sure you ask for help. Your university will have specific places that you can go to if you are struggling and they will be able to help you out and give you the support you need.

More Advice on Uni Freshers Survival

So, now you know some important things to figure out before going to uni. Make sure you enjoy your first year and make the most of it! Socialise and have fun, and maybe do a lil uni work in the middle! You’ll make it look like a breeze and give yourself good foundations for the future. Want to figure out everything else there is to know about surviving freshers, head on over to our

Student Advice

hub to learn more.

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