Lowest vs Highest Paid Graduate Jobs

Ever wondered how much money you’re going to earn by studying a particular degree? It’s always worth knowing what you have to look forward to when you qualify, so we went in on a deep dive into the world of post uni earnings to uncover the highest and lowest paid careers for UK graduates.

We find out which fields bring home the big bucks and which ones might leave you with a few too many ramen noodle nights. Let’s get real about graduate salaries in the UK!

Data put together by the Higher Education Statistics Agency walks us through the best and worst paid graduate level jobs you can get in the UK, if you study the following courses. The analysis looked at graduate and enrolment figures, median graduates salaries, number of available degree related entry level jobs, and the graduate employment rate for each sector.

Highest Paid Graduate Jobs UK

Let’s start with the good news. These are the Top 10 highest paid graduate jobs in the UK, so if you’re considering starting your studies in one of these degrees, or you’re already halfway through, don’t worry, you’ll be earning a pretty penny when you graduate!

  1. Medicine & Dentistry – £34,000
  2. Veterinary Medicine – £31,000
  3. Engineering & Technology – £28,000
  4. Mathematical Sciences – 27,500
  5. Subjects Allied To Medicine – £25,000
  6. Education & Training – £25,000
  7. Architecture, Building & Planning – £25,000
  8. Social Sciences – £25,000
  9. Business & Management – £24,000
  10. Language & Area Studies – £23,000

Lowest Paid Graduate Jobs UK

Now, if you do see your degree here, do not panic! This is not to say that there is no way for you to ever make any more money. This is just the median average of a starting salary for graduates of that degree. These earnings won’t always be the same for everyone, and there are always so many different paths you can take to climb the salary ladder. 

  1. Design, Creative & Performing Arts – £20,000
  2. Media, Journalism & Communications – £21,000
  3. Psychology – £21,500
  4. Law – £21,500
  5. Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies – £23,000
  6. Biological & Sports Sciences – £23,000
  7. Agricultural, Food & Related Studies – £23,000
  8. Geography, Earth & Environmental Studies – £24,000
  9. Physical Sciences – £25,500
  10. Computing – £26,500

More Advice on Finding a Job

No matter what kind of a career path you end up going into after you graduate from university, over the course of your career there are so many opportunities that will present themselves to you at every step of the way. So don’t be confused if you read these statistics, they’re just an average number, not taking into your personal situation.

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