Student Essentials For Your Uni Kitchen

Now, we don’t mean to startle anyone, but when you move to Uni, you’re gonna have to learn how to cook for yourself. You might be lucky and find a Nando’s Black Card on the streets, but if you’re like 99.9% other people out there, you’re probably gonna have to consider what kitchen essentials you need to take.

Now, you don’t need to turn up to uni looking like a chef and your catering for the five thousand. Yes, you can barely cook, but you’ll get there. To keep your meal times tasty, we have compiled a list of the best kitchen utensils you need for university with you. For everything else that you think you’ll ever need, we put together a University Checklist that you can Check Out Here!

Where To Buy Your Student Cooking Essentials

When buying your kitchen gear, be wary of the amount of space you can expect to have in your kitchen. Last thing you need is packing a load of things that you probably won’t use and you won’t have anywhere to keep them. You can find budget friendly kitchen utensils at Ikea, Asda, Tesco or Sainsbury’s.

Student Kitchen Starter Pack

If you can’t be bothered searching far and wide for everything you need for your uni kitchen, don’t worry, you’re not entirely out of luck. You can get a Kitchen Starter Pack from Noah with everything you need. We like the Kit which is just above the starter pack, where you’ll find good quality items at an affordable price. You can also find kitchen starter kits from all sorts of other places, like Argos, Amazon or even Unite Students.

Noah’s Kitchen Box

Expect to find all the things you need to get you started on your first step into cooking. Comes with a tableware set, a frying pan set, chopping knives, all the utensils you’ll ever need, and more!

UniKitOut Kitchen Essentials Set

UniKitOut have put together an awesome box of over 20 items to sort your uni kitchen out. Good news,all pans in this kit are compatible with any hob , taking away the stress of finding the correct pans compatible with your hob. All in one place you can get cooking utensils, cookware, and tableware in this student starter pack. Easy peasy!

Student Kitchen Essentials

If you’re putting the work in, and want to get your own stuff separately for kitting out your Uni kitchen, read on to find out our essential checklist below. 


Let’s start out with the basics. You’re going to need at least 2 plates with you. Then at least you have a spare if one is to break or if you have a friend round.


Likewise, you’ll definitely need a couple of bowls. It’s always good to have an extra one, like we said, just in case you break one or have guests over.

Knives, Forks & Spoons

You will want to bring cutlery to university, we know it sounds like a really obvious thing to suggest, but it’s easy to forget. You won’t want to bring a whole load of cutlery, but consider bringing a set of four if each, then you have some spares when something goes missing.

Cooking Knives

You don’t have to buy a whole knife block, but having a small set of good knives for when you’re cooking is a must.


You will want to bring a couple of glasses with you to university, and some mugs for your tea and coffee. If you’re feeling fancy, you can also bring some wine glasses down with you. Or you know, don’t and drink straight from the bottle.

Pots & Pans

Get yourself a frying pan, two or three different sized saucepans and maybe a big wok to help when doing a big batch cook. Again, you don’t need to bring a ton of pots and pans with you, just the basics so you can cook yourself a proper meal, rather than living off microwave meals. Try and go for stainless steel pans which are anti scratch. Remember to check whether your hob is induction or not, to decide which pans you’ll need. 

Oven Baking Trays

Grab yourself a kitchen tray or two, you’re gonna need these for your chicken nugs and chips. 

Random But Essential Kitchen Bits

  • Scissors: Because sometimes using your grabber mits just aint enough. Also, ever cut a pizza with scissors? Give it a go. Mind blown.
  • Veg Peeler: We know, boring. But you’re all grown up now, and at some point you’re gonna want at least one of your five a day.
  • Colander: Let’s be real, you might be living off pasta for a while. But you have a balanced diet, because you’re having spaghetti one minute then tortellini the next. That’s how it works right?
  • Can Opener: How else can you make your beans on toast if you can’t open your can of beans?
  • Bottle Opener: Now this is a must, especially for if you’re hosting pres! 
  • Spatula & Ladle: Whether they are metal or plastic, you’re gonna need ’em. 
  • Wooden Spoon: How else are you going to mix up your chilli batch for the month?
  • Mixing Bowl: That banana bread is going to need a bowl. Or, yknow, it can always double up as a punch bowl for your next house party. 
  • Pyrex Dish: If you’re cooking a pasta bake, or anything like that, you need one of these. 
  • Oven Gloves: Safety first kids. Don’t bother with the tea towel, you’ll burn yourself, drop your pizza, and cry a little bit into your tub of ice cream, cuz that’s all you have left now it’s all on the floor.
  • Tea Towels: Speaking of tea towels, you still will need em.
  • Cling Film & Tin Foil: You won’t realise how much you need these until you somehow only half finish your dinner, go to reach for something to wrap it up, and you can’t!

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So, now you know absolutely everything you need to take to Uni, so you won’t go hungry. Or at least if you do, you can pretend you don’t with a Ramsey-esque kitchen kit out! If you’re looking for what else you need to take to uni, check out our Uni Checklist. For more advice and information on how to make the most of your time at University, check out our Uni Life Advice Hub!