Cheap Places to Eat in Manchester

Are you a foodie on a tight budget looking for some great places to eat in Manchester? Look no further! We found some of the best cheap places to eat in Manchester that won’t break the bank. From traditional British pubs to street food tasty ones, Manchester is a melting pot of diverse cuisine that won’t disappoint.

We’ve scoured the city to find hidden gems that offer tasty food at affordable prices, so you can enjoy delicious meals without sacrificing your wallet. So sit back, relax, and maybe get a little hungry discovering some of the top cheap places to eat in Manchester!

Cane & Grain

Find yourselves in the Northern Quarter, throwing it back to the 80s skate scene at Cain & Grain, a Rib Joint & Tap Room. Bourbon, craft beer and all of the ribs. We mention ribs again, because these guys are literally all about the ribs. Give a go of the ‘dino’ rib with porter beer sauce, or the baby backs with orange chipotle sauce, and why not have some truffle mac’n’cheese on the side.

Must Try: Beef Ribs & Gin Infused Watermelon Salad.

Viet Shack

Viet Shack brings Manchester’s Ancoats fresh and tasty Vietnamese street food, with a twist. Queues often spill out of the door with people desperate to tuck into their good food & good vibes. They’ve built a ferociously loyal following in Manchester, and by the looks of their menu, we’re not surprised.

Must Try: Shack Fries: Crispy Fries Loaded with Juicy Steak & Chargrilled BBQ Chicken. A thing of beauty!

Grand Daddy’s Diner

Retro American style Grand Daddy’s Diner right in the heart of Manchester serves up American inspired food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A taste of 1950s states right here in Manny: the finest American gourmet burgers, pancakes, milkshakes and loads more.

Must Try:  Spicy Chicken Burger & Cookie Monster Oreo Milkshake.

Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

The UK’s First Grilled Cheese restaurant. From a range of grilled cheese sandwiches with quite the twist to a variation of fires, there are loads for you to try. A great place for if you’re a grilled cheese lover. We never really knew that we needed gourmet cheese sandwiches in our lives, but with Northern Soul dishing out the goods, we firmly stand very converted to the cheese life.

Must Try: Breakfast Grilled Cheese, for a morning Winter warmer.

19 Cafe Bar

Self proclaimed as the Best Brunch in Manchester, 19 Cafe Bar is treating the people of Manchester with tasties 7 days a week. We’re talking fluffy pancake stacks, chorizo eggs benedict, halloumi and avocado bagel. Are we there yet?

Must Try: Kinder Bueno French Toast. Almost too tasty.

The Mess Cafe

This is more than just a cute cafe. The Mess, in Manchester has an incredible story behind it. Set up as a charity, The Mess supports men, women and young people who have been released from prison, those who may have struggled with addiction, homelessness, those who are refugees and more disadvantaged individuals. Fill yourself up with brunch, lunch, sourdough toasties, cakes & locally roasted speciality coffee. 

Must Try: Chicken Gyros, with 24hr marinated chicken & a sprinkle of fries.

Tips & Tricks for Saving Money on Food

Manchester has so many amazing restaurants, so when you’re there, you know you definitely won’t fall short of options and you will, without a doubt, be able to find a restaurant that will suit your needs! These are just a few of a whole host of restaurants that are affordable to eat at, so you’ll never go hungry again. If you’re looking for other ways to life life for less, check out our Save Money Hub.