Cheap Places to Eat in Glasgow

Are you on the hunt for delicious yet affordable food in Glasgow? Look no further! We chose a few special finds for cheap places to eat in Glasgow, so you can indulge in some tasty treats without breaking the bank.

From cozy cafes serving up comforting soups and sandwiches to authentic street food stalls dishing out flavorful international cuisine, Glasgow has plenty of options for budget-friendly dining. So whether you’re a local or just visiting, feed your appetite and get ready to explore some of the best cheap eats that Glasgow has to offer.

NY Grill

NY Grill brings that authentic New York experience, with the best flavours through and through. You’ll feel like you’re dining in an American steakhouse with all the best burgers, steaks and shrimps to prove it. They also dish out a wide selection of beautifully tasty cocktails, American beers and bourbons for everyone. Hey, did we mention they have a Monday Wine Club, corkage for just £4!

Must Try: NY Nachos with Chipotle Chicken.


Bloc grew from a simple boozer into a multi-award-winning restaurant and music venue. It’s open 7 days a week, right in the middle of Glasgow, and has become a cornerstone of the city’s food and music scene. BLOC+ proudly showcase a very wide range of music in a totally relaxed way. But the food. Well, let’s talk about the good stuff.

We’re talking burgers, hot dogs, and light bites, but with a seriously contemporary and internationally inspired twist. Hot Lips Salad, for those looking to spice up their veg. Haggis Poutine with their famous peppercorn sauce. And a super tasty vegan and veggie menu to blow off your socks. If you’ve not been, you’re missing out!

Must Try:  The Bru Boy: Slow Cooked Irn Bru & Chipotle Pulled Pork Burger, alongside all the good stuff.

E-Street Cafe

Hang on what now? A Bruce Springsteen-themed cafe? Now we’re listening. The self proclaimed “smooth-talking, fast-walking, love-making, soul-shaking, hip-thrusting, tastebud-rocking, coffee-shop” on the south side of the city.

Alright, sounds pretty good, but what about the food. Well with queues out the door, it’s safe to say E-Street Cafe is a big hit. It’s well known for it’s ridiculously tasty breakfasts, bringing poached eggs, pork and black pudding, French toast and perfectly cooked pancakes, along with a heart warming cup of the good stuff.

Must Try: The E Street Shuffle: potato scones, avocado, bacon, fried eggs all on a lovely sourdough.


“The Original Greek Gyros”, MacTassos brings authentic Greek food to the streets of Glasgow. With a hardcore cult following, MacTassos was rated Glasgow’s Best Lunch Spot! They specialise in mouthwatering gyros and souvlaki, with delicious Greek sides like halloumi fries and baklava.

What’s the deal though? Well as per their outstanding reviews on Trip Advisor, people are endlessly naming this place the most authentic, and unbelievably tasty place for Greek food, outside of Greece. It’s an institution, so get on board!

Must Try: A Gyro. Any of them. They’re amazing!

Stack & Still

Stack & Still is the UK’s largest pancake restaurant. We didn’t know they even existed, but now we do, we’re wondering how we’ve lived our life without visiting one! Head on down and mix and match, making your own flavour pancakes, savoury or sweet. There’s apparently up to 12 million different combinations to choose from! And don’t worry, if that sounds a bit mad, just go for the chefs recommendations in the shop. Tbh though, we’ll take the lot.

Must Try: Strawberry Cheesecake Stack. It’s a thing of beauty.


“Cook Good Scran & They Will Come.” That’s the motto of Scran, a cafe that’s main goal is to not just be, another cafe. Simple food, cooked with a Glasgow twist. Scran use only the best of ingredients, like Stornoway black pudding, Corrie Mains free range eggs, Heirloom tomatoes, and Myrtle coffee. Fancy something new every time you go, the weekend specials are a must for trying something a little more contemporary. And hey, despite the neon sign you’ll see when you first walk in, this place is waaay more than just eggs. Trust us.

Must Try: French & Tenders: french toast with chicken tenders with chilli infused maple syrup. It’s a yes.


Mezcal is bringing the finest Mexican inspired street food and cocktails to the streets of Glasgow. Every dish is made to order using a combo of fresh locally sourced produce and authentic ingredients imported from Mexico. So what’s that mean? We’re talking burritos, quesadillas, chilli and so much more. The fiery flavours you’ll find in Mezcal are definitely gonna get your motors going. We love it! Oh and did we say you can grab yourself a cocktail from £6? Go on then.

Must Try: French & Tenders: french toast with chicken tenders with chilli infused maple syrup. It’s a yes.

Tips & Tricks for Saving Money on Food

Glasgow has so many amazing restaurants, so when you’re there, you know you definitely won’t fall short of options and you will, without a doubt, be able to find a restaurant that will suit your needs! These are just a few of a whole host of restaurants that are affordable to eat at, so you’ll never go hungry again. If you’re looking for other ways to life life for less, check out our Save Money Hub.