Cheap Places to Eat in Cambridge

If you’re on a budget but still want to enjoy deliciously tasty food in Cambridge, you’re in luck! The historic southeastern city is home to a variety of cheap eats that are perfect for students, locals, and visitors alike.

From cozy cafes serving up comforting breakfast options to street food stalls dishing out flavorful international cuisine, Cambridge has a diverse range of affordable dining options to suit every taste. We hunted down some of the best cheap places to eat in Cambridge, so you can enjoy tasty food without breaking the bank.

Shelley and Sarah’s

Family ran Shelley and Sarah’s have been feeding Cambridge for 70 years, and that in itself is pretty crazy. Shelley & Sarah’s cook everything from fresh, serving both hot and cold rolls, baguettes, sandwiches, and the tastiest English breakfasts! You’re guaranteed a tasty treat.

Must Try: Special Steak Baguette. Mouthwateringly juicy sarnie is 110% the right choice to make!

The Free Press Pub

If you’re looking for a quaint little pub, The Free Press Pub is the one for you. They are famous for their Fish and Chips, but the menu doesn’t stop there. Burgers, tacos, there’s even a bit of octous on there. Why not eh. A full menu of locally sourced food and award winning beer, what more could you ask for?

Must Try: Beer Battered Fish & Chips, it’s a must.

The Cook’s Nest

The Cook’s Nest is a family ran food fan, passionate about serving good quality food with Greek culinary heritage. They proudly use the highest quality and freshest ingredients to make original gyros wraps, just the way you would have them in Greece. The Cook’s Nest make plenty more Greek specialities, so there really is something for everyone.

They have built a mega loyal following of people travelling around Cambridge, with outstanding reviews. One complimenting the guys food, with “quite honestly the best souvlaki in the UK!” They travel around a little bit, so head on over to their Instagram via the link below to keep an eye on where they are next.

Must Try: A Gyro please, it’s a classic for them, and it’s given them a good name for a reason.


Limoncello is Cambridges home for Italian al fresco dining while also home to a lovely deli brimming with Italian treats. The lunchtime ciabattas are priced really affordably, with over 11 different flavours to choose from, with various combinations of mozzarella, goats cheese, pesto, peppers of every colour, and anything else that inspires the Italian within.

Hey, did we mention one of Limoncello’s best kept secret. Doing the name the justice it deserves, the limoncello’s are a dream. Shout out Limoncello on Instagram or Facebook and get yourself free limoncello shot to top off a great evening.

Must Try: Porcetta Lunch Ciabatta with Sun Blushed Tomatoes, it’s a must.

Arepa’s Station

Arepa’s Station brings a taste of authentic Venezuela street food to Cambridge. Venezuelans love corn bread and an arepa is a piece of corn bread, folded around a filling to make a sandwich or wrap. Arepa’s Station fills their arepas with delicious fillings based on historic family heirloom recipes. The result is beautifully tasty Venezuelan food. If you’re vegan, needing dairy free, or gluten free options, they got something for you too. 

Must Try: Domino Arepa, with black beans, feta cheese and fried plantain. Yes please!

Tips & Tricks for Saving Money on Food

Cambridge has so many amazing restaurants, so when you’re there, you know you definitely won’t fall short of options and you will, without a doubt, be able to find a restaurant that will suit your needs! These are just a few of a whole host of restaurants that are affordable to eat at, so you’ll never go hungry again. If you’re looking for other ways to life life for less, check out our Save Money Hub.