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The Best Monese Bank Account Student Deals & Offers

Monese Instant Account

Set Up Spending Budgets + Great for International Students

  • Key Features & Perks
    • Great for Local, International or ERASMUS Students Away in Europe
    • Set Up Weekly or Monthly Spending Budgets
    • Make Local & International Payments Without Extra Fees

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More About Monese

Monese is an inclusive digital bank that does not require credit checks to open a current account. It’s a perfect option for local, international or ERASMUS students in Europe. They specialise in super easy to open accounts, where you can safely store, send, receive and keep tabs on your money. You can open a Monese account right on your phone, and you can use it to pay for tuition fees, request money from parents back home, set up recurring payments to your landlord or pay that friend back for picking up last night’s dinner tab!