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Exclusive: Get a Completely FREE £10 spend with Curve.


We’ve teamed up with Curve to get you guys a completely FREE ten pound to spend absolutely anywhere. (yes, really!)

We’ve teamed up with Curve to get you a completely FREE £10 spend anywhere. Whether that’s a takeaway from Just Eat, a new top from ASOS, or just some coffee to help you get through your dissertation! 

If you haven’t heard of Curve before, it’s a wallet app that helps protect and save you money. Curve has featured on the BBC as well as national newspapers including The Independent and The Telegraph, while also getting rave reviews on Trustpilot, and the nod from MoneySavingExpert.

There’s a video below showing you how the app works, it’s free to use & and using our exclusive offer you can get a completely free £10 after you first use it.

How to Claim Free £10.

  • Download Curve on App/Play Store for free. (link below)
  • Choose the ‘Blue’ card as it’s free.
  • Use your card for the first time to validate
    This can either be online, in-store, or withdrawing from an ATM
  • Spend your free money.

    The £10 is generally available to spend 24 hours after your first transaction. Check the FAQs below.

Offer T&Cs.

£10 Offer is automatically applied via the link above.

FAQs & Video

I’ve downloaded the app, what next?
Once you have downloaded the app and filled in your details, you need to add a card. Once a payment card is added you’re good to go. After your first transaction (assuming you sign up with our exclusive offer) you’ll get a free £10 to spend. Your first transaction can be online or in store. So instead of using your normal card next time you go to the shops, use your Curve card, and your free tenner will become available to spend (usually within 24 hours). You can spend it literally anywhere! Remember, if you are using the card for the first time in person, you’ll need to use chip and pin. After that you can tap it.

What are the benefits of Curve?
As well as the safety, security & space-saving mentioned in the video above, with the free account you can choose your 3 favourite retailers and get cashback every time you purchase from them for 30 days! So, say you spend most your money at Tesco, Amazon & Just Eat. Set those up in the app & you’ll get cashback on all your purchases from them for 30 days. You can spend this cashback wherever you want too. Not bad for the end of term when funds are running low! You can also get free cash withdrawals abroad (up to £200 a week for the free card)

This sounds too good to be true, why are they doing it?
Well, obviously companies don’t give things out for the good of their health! Much like when takeaways give out freebies during freshers, they want you to try, like it and stay! This offer allows you to test out the app and see if you like it. They normally offer a £5 sign up bonus, but we have got an exclusive £10 offer for you guys.

Are there any hidden costs?
When you first add a payment card to it, there is a microcharge to test whether that card is legitimate. Much like when you set up a PayPal account. Otherwise you could make an account use a fake card and run away! The microcharge is refunded immediately. So, no. Assuming you get the free ‘Blue’ card there is no cost.

Why is the cashback for 30 days?
They do have cards that cost a monthly fee with added benefits, but we recommend the free one because as a student it’s unlikely you would get much benefit out of them. Your older siblings or parents might though! Link them to this offer, and regardless of which card they get, if they use our offer they can get a free £10 to try it out! This is an app, so if your parents aren’t too tech savvy, it’s probably not a great idea.

Is it a credit card?
No. It’s a debit card that acts as a wallet. You can put all of your cards on it, as shown in the video above. Fewer things to remember, easier life! They’ve recently added reward cards too, so you can whack your Tesco Clubcard on the app and never miss out on those points. Plus, if your wallet gets stolen you don’t have to cancel all your cards. Just block the Curve card on the app and all your originals are safe!

Can I make more than one account?
No. One per person. But your friends, flatmates, family etc can get it. Share this offer with them and maybe they’ll buy you a drink with their free £10!

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